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Clan: Glorious Vipers

Number of members: 46
Tagline: Strength through evolution!
Created: 3/11/2017

Bio: Welcome!

If you're looking for a clan to improve your skills and finesse your opponents, well this is the clan for you but there are some simple prerequisite you must meet which are :

50% win rate in 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3.

A boot rate of under 15%.

We know sometimes you would just like to kick back and have a little fun beside warlight. Well we got you covered fam! There are a great deal of people to meet and things to do on our discord which you would be linked to on joining.

oh man! oh man! am i excited to meet you.


If you are interested in joining, message Dar.

For clan wars or any other matters, message Miegokhan.

Clan Member Title
DanWL TOne And Only TDan
Georgian T.....Georgian
Dar Dar-Best
MiegoKhan TKhan
Captain_Hindsight T...Wait a minute
TianO It's TBestPuzzle
Hasdrubal historic TBest?
papa c Tpapa
Cyrus TaiwanBest
ssot TGreek
randomperson TBest? wait, you are
_ T
TheVPBlade TBlade
Fitnessfreak TBest? no, too fit
Māra Rēppērp Coin Snatcher
Squibbles Lord of Pie
Preacher BARDOWN
Decebal Popescu TSUNGLASSES
Cendity TBest, no. TZen
Gray Spear TBest Orchid? hmmmmm
Linge TegniL
Aegon Rivers The Kingmaker
Fernando Tri Penido TBrazilian
IbanLoL TLoLbanana
Tom TTom
i van costa TMacedonian
condebuker TRex!
just do dutch just be TBest
Canaima TBEST! wait, no :(
Sherlock Holmes TNoob
Veloces Little lamb
BoykaPower TSecretPOWER
Phoenix Wright TBurnt. TBorn. THope
Far TJuan
Rubin Grunt
Momomadrid TMermaidOrMan?
Xatan TCrossAtan
TBestLittleHelper Tme
Trafalgar Law TPinkUnicorn
Sun 2
Morgoe MBest
Toast TOast
Master Sarah♦ DiamonTbest > AG?

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