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Clan: Glorious Vipers

Number of members: 74
Tagline: Friendly / Social / Competitive
Created: 3/11/2017

Bio: Glorious Vipers are a laid back clan that provides a fun and social environment to its members. We have very active forums and an active discord chat. Our goal is for players to have fun and improve their play.

Clan Managers: Scarlett, TBest and MiegoKhan (Ask either for invites)

WIP Blog:



1: Improvement. You don't have to be an elite player, but you have to be decent, if not striving for improvement. We are a semi-competitive clan. Our goal is to always push forward and get better. Our clan has several veteran players happy to help our willing players improve their game. Teaching sessions and practice games are readily available.

2: Low boot rate. Your boot rate should preferably be below 10%. If booted frequently then this clan is probably not for you. Reliable players are available when a game begins up until the game ends. If you are frequently booted from the game that tells us you're not a reliable player.

3: Be respectful. This means no speedy booting, and no rude behavior of any kind. We believe that every human player is valuable unless they prove otherwise. Rude behavior is prohibited in this clan and respect is essential. The environment must remain friendly.

4: Be active. You don't have to be online every day, but at least be online regularly or if you're busy check in from time to time. If you're not active it will be difficult for us to reach out to you for a game, or any other reason. You may be kicked if inactive for over a month.

End goal: Become a well-rounded clan that consists of skilled, active, and social players. A good mix is what we are after. We also strive to be the most active and social competitive clan on Warlight and participate in Clan League when the time comes.


Allied clans: Avengers, Wizards, Vikinger

Clan Member Title
DanWL TOne And Only TDan
FortKnoxville TBest, you inside?
D3vil33 TAngel
Georgian T.....Georgian
Bauza TBeta TBest!
Captain_Hindsight T...Wait a minute
Billy TylliB
Dar Dar-Best
Cyrus TaiwanBest
_ T
TheVPBlade TBlade
randomperson TBest? wait, you are
Atheism is Unstoppable TAlternativeProphet
papa c Tpapa
Mister TM
[IM]YouMustBeKidding Inof. Mitarbeiter
Apollo 11: The Scout looks like TBest
Hasdrubal historic TBest?
Gray Spear TBest Orchid? hmmmmm
Preacher BARDOWN
WildBill TWild
Adi MONSTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help!
morph-x TmoreTmerrier
Donkirk TkriknoD
ssot TGreek
Leslie TeilseL
zoooooooz TBest ooozzooo
Fitnessfreak TBest? no, too fit
Declan Magee TMage
Decebal Popescu TSUNGLASSES
ntw0n TnOw
Scarlett The Queen Viper Viper Girl
Linge TegniL
Cendity TBest, no. TZen
MiegoKhan Khan of Vipers
Squibbles Lord of Pie
Tom TTom
just do dutch just be TBest
Gone loco TBest loco!
condebuker TRex!
local TBest! Localy!
Goku frendely TBest?
Sherlock Holmes TNoob
Tywin Lannister The Kingmaker
Molotov TCokctail
Fernando Tri Penido TBrazilian
Māra Rēppērp Coin Snatcher
IbanLoL TLoLbanana
BoykaPower TSecretPOWER
mondymaster master TBest?
Veloces Lost little lamb
Phoenix Wright TBurnt. TBorn. THope
Canaima TBEST! wait, no :(
Chocolate thesuperawesome boot
GunterD T..D
i van costa TMacedonian
Oversea Viperidae
Rubin Grunt
Tr4gic TTcan't Spell
Momomadrid TMermaidOrMan?
Gears of War THero
Phoenix196 T196th Phoenix
Adrift in Sleepwakefulness TJuan
Max this TBest?
Firenze TRock!
TBestLittleHelper Tme
Toast TOast
SnowMeltss Puddle
Master Sarah♦ maybe TBest?
Ashley Morgan TArizonian
Intergalactic Society of Penguins !penguin
Deus Fizzer TProphet

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