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Clan: The Armament of the Brethren

Number of members: 11
Tagline: "Yeah, go ahead! Try and stop us!"
Created: 3/21/2017

Bio: Once there was a band of mercenaries. They roamed separate paths, all with different views, backgrounds, families, and goals. After fighting in many battles against one another, and eventually side-by-side - they joined together! Whether they are the David, or the Goliath on the battlefield...their wit, cunning skill, and ability to predict each others next move make them a near unstoppable force. One should hope to have as little of them on the battlefield as possible, because will surely die...whilst they will stand victorious!

Clan Member Title
kill1111 Executioner
The Crazy Skull Grand Advisor
Vash the Stampede Bombardier
General Chu Chief Ambassador
The Iron Patriot Spy (The Killer)
General Phu B'Arre 5-Star General
Drayven Chef de Cuisine
Sir Nigel Loring Lord High Marshall
Alaric (Tartarus, Darth Magnus, Deadman Walking) The Undertaker
BTernaryTau Master Tactician
Cilantro Captain

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