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Clan: Peafowls

Number of members: 7
Tagline: Peafowls rule! Cats drool!
Created: 6/12/2017

Bio: Icon credit goes to MH (Their old icon). We did not make it. Will remove it if requested.

We are a strong group of anti-felinists and pro peafowlism.

Felinism is a harmful ideology that must never be practiced in any society. Felinism is a cruel, oppressive, anti-freedom and anti animal rights belief system.

Join us if you are either a peafowl, peafowlist, or ally of peafowlism. Peafowlism is a movement for the greater good of civilization. DO not listen to what Tabby says about us.

If you are a dog you are also welcome with open arms. <3

Join the anti-felinist movement! Message Peafowl for an invite!

Clan Member Title
Dexterous Strategist
PunySpeck (a Peacock)
Peafowl Blue Peafowl Leader
Falcon Feline Hater
CatExterminator071 Feline Killer
African Wild Dog Canine Ally

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