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Clan: [V.I.W] Very Important Weirdos

Number of members: 42
Tagline: In a world of the blind, the one eyed is a weirdo
Created: 9/23/2013

Bio: [V.I.W] = [Very Important Weirdos]

Welcome to the official [V.I.W] Clan Page!
We are a group of players who like to play WarLight! We are a fun clan - no emphasis on good statistics, or an elitist clan - but to have a somewhat playable gaming ability, players must meet set prerequisites before joining us.

If you would like to join us, message any of these players:
- {rp} GeneralGror
- sound_of_silence
- [V.I.W] ilpeggiore

For all other complaints, please bother one of the following:
- Tony Levin (Leader)
- {rp} GeneralGror
- [V.I.W] ilpeggiore

All Glory To The Founders Of [V.I.W]
- Sundancer (Viktuz - Retired)
- FlyingBender (Leader of GG, Member of V.I.W)

Special thanks to:
- Lord Wonky
- PushyWushy
- The Prudent Poultry
- DosDaBoss

Clan tournament results Season I-VII

Promotion/Relegation league results Season VIII-XI:

2v2 Tournament Season I,II:

Numbers inside the brackets indicate the division they are in for the current season of Pro/Rel league. R = retired

✡ = Champions for the previous season of Pro/Rel league divisions and 2v2 tournament

CL7 Division C Winners !

Clan Member Title
BraaK Staging Trophies [R]
Andre Laufmöller Nuclear Weapon [4]
Carlos Danger ✡ Some Old Guy [1]
MoOoOoOoO dead cow [R]
Spike Justicia adhatoda[4]
onemoreslogan twomorebonuses [3]
[V.I.W] ilpeggiore Ilmigliore [1]
Glenn Parmentier
chessgamer #checkmate
AIRNewbie OldbieinDisguise [2]
AWOL Gls AJ AWOL Emperor [R]
DoNutz A Tasty Treat
Papa Smurf Papa Schlumpf
blue_stream Under the Black Sea
Megaa Uploadd
{rp} GeneralGror Abraham of Alts
Princess Hélène d'Orléans Alpine Assassin
volk🇦🇩🇦🇩🇦🇩 Moldovan Volk
HunterDW World of Warcraft[3]
gabrjan Father Slovenia
max max on, max off [2]
CoperniC Warlight Canon Law
Le Count H 8 armies! Ah ah ah!
Pelagius I Kan choose?
Jammyb'stard made UKIP shame [4]
{INDY}surealisticperv surrealisticindyperv
Bittsleezy Bit Sleazy [3]
no one you are not arya [1]
Independent P(A|B)=P(A)
sound_of_silence ✡✡ Our Own Noob [2]
Chessmat My Dream Backyard[3]
Verzus ✡ 2 vz. 2 [4]
Wyindywidualizowany Indywidualista 1 [1]
kaneto Ancient Director
Lew WL Locus Fender [3]
dobry_bobry bobry_dobry [4]
lineal2012 ✡ Descendant [2]
۞RoastedChicken۞ Overcooked [R]
mattxo Overwhelming, no
Margin of Safety New Guy
jacob Jacobian Determinant

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