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Clan: The Lost Wolves

Number of members: 104
Tagline: A closely knit clan of diplomacy players
Created: 3/4/2014

Bio: In the lost, frozen North, far from the reach of normal humans, a small kingdom thrives. It has faced many hardships, and through determination and unity, it stood through long periods of crisis.

With it's fierce warriors and reliable king, they seek to rise from the cold forests and bring fear once more - for no one stands in the way of these vikings.

Their lifestyle of seclusion has made others overlook them, unaware of their rise, as they earned the title... of the Lost Wolves.


A clan founded on Diplomatic games, however we enjoy a healthy balance of all games. Best known for high forum activity and people to talk and play with at nearly any given time in the past, we seek to return to these days.

Experiencing overhauls. Expect improvement over time.


Requisite to join is to not have a bad reputation that precedes you.

To join the clan, you must contact one of the managers and request an invitation. The most efficient one is to mail them through these links:

American Empire ->
Relmcheatham ->
Zephyrum ->


Jarl: [Wolf] Relmcheatham
Væring Kaptein: Zephyrum

Clan Member Title
Zephyrum [VAE] attaco waco
[WOLF]maleyaal eyyyyyaaaaaal
[WOLF]HoustonLeHammer [UPN] Rose of Texas
Seretrina Serenwaifu
♤Prince Riku Lyonheart♤ [VAE] Bae-ring Vakt
McMuller [VAE] McMonalds
caesar salad dressing
ACMFatih1899 [UPN] Majapahit!
[WOLF] Navigator hey listen
Adolf Hitler moves like jewgger
Eklipse [VAE] Juggershill
LittleFinger who?
[wolf]japan77 caps the tag u pig
[WOLF]shadowfox kingthe13 worst name
Incognito Shhhh
[WOLF] The Conservative Libertarian windmill
Andr0meda piggy bank
[Wolf] Relmcheatham [UPN] Fegelrelm
claTZT op boots
~TSK~ Lulu job-stealin' refugee
Xylex xelyx
SchönSalz7🌓 [UPN] baco from waco
Sleepybear [UPN] Nessie rider
[WOLF] The Caliph Riad Gypsy arab
Breme Aleksandar Olivkov ruskie
prussianbleu Mister highelo
Terence Kill panzerkampfwagen
Devolian oy volian
Hermit missing
Zenvue [UKJ] Pet Giffer
☁WARLORD♥t(ಥ۾ಥt)SirℜicharD✠[WOLF]☁ Illegal immigrant
Rommel in the desert
{N.W.} MagicMan Party magician
The Third Reich i love kung fuuuhrer
[Wolf] Karkat reported zeph
apollong3 [VAE] aposhort
Farmerking7 to the cotton with u
[Wolf] ZepMaster [VAE] Maduro's spy
[WOLF]Mortar man [UPN] *boom*
Original Smarty wally balls jr.
Evlysium idk2
Scott Benigno scottish
The god of your mother is your father?
[WOLF]Chricri3112 chichichi
P90Rush gorilla warfare
Maugrim Meowgrim
TEG [UPN] The commiecat
Eirik Ayyyyrik
Pakmillu97 onny-chan bby <3
Wanderer wander off m8
ArcticFox011 not spanish
Arashix shishishi
Resykon difficulty
[Wolf] The Praetorian praet
The Byzantine most lit wolf ever
[WOLF] Jet1226 hot profile pic
[WOLF] Jimmy Still filthy
mongoose goosemon
[WOLF] Izok Trevor's asian shill
snowleopard1995 >snow >leopard
Rache2013 osterräche
[WOLF] Marco Polo Ni hao from Trabzon
Legolas pantene
[WOLF] Warmonger most fitting name
Groovedaddy [UPN] Groovy mum
[WOLF] Coolbeans counting
[WOLF] Beatrice krenuli su vuci
[WOLF]QueenElizabeth lol ded
welebich welebit-
[WOLF] Casey Stark generic teenager
Ulfric Stormcloak Rebel?
[WOLF]coldhockeyboy the frost archer
Exanimem faggit (<-Damn)
darkvoid61 darkas-
C6 has a pupper
[WOLF]AssfaceMcgee Mcface Assgee
Sills Shills
U Have No Chance ya i do
Палач из Империй nanay n3 nmnepnñ
Chase From House M.D.
franceirox belgium dont exist
­ Ayatollah Khomeini
Tarulias 13v13: 1 / 1 (100%)
[WOLF] Gaming Squirrel 12 a raptor with an rpg
Vanmorien Erdogan Sultanate
vanir11 roasted liz
FlezO börk indeed buddy
Hubstar pornstar
SimonPL Szymon
Euathlus Felidae inside man
Fluffyman6 Potatos aint fluffy
Rhinoboy66 BOI!
Rainbow Dash Best pony 10/10
(WOLF)fenris 'straya agen
The Phantom 78.5%
[WOLF] Knight of Apollo Apollong' bodyguard?
EndlessFire 𝕷𝖔𝖗𝖉 af
(Wolf) DrHexDex ...Furry?

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