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Clan: [Lynx]

Number of members: 22
Created: 3/9/2014

Bio: Lynx, named after the fabled wildcat, is an elite Warlight clan and 101st's brother clan. In ancient mythology, the Lynx had supernatural knowledge and was the uncoverer of truths.


Top players are not born: they're made.

~ Lynx's Motto


Lynx brings together Warlight's best: those who are always motivated to learn and improve. Our members develop strong bonds through our common passion and love for strategy and teamwork. Our thirst for knowledge has led many of us to teach in 101st, where decent players are turned into elite players.

If you believe you have got what it takes to be a Lynx, send a message to ZeroBlindDragon!

If you want to contact us regarding events, clan league or clan battles, send a message to Hades!

Clan Member Title
Hades Dimension→Contact 2
Dom365 Excite
Arkanton Africa
Bigchps147 Click
독일남자(Rob) Fever
Semicedevine Anarchy For Her
le Marseillais Deep Space
andy903 Ignite
Iceman Twist
GreenTea Java
Darkpie Attract
alexclusive Phoenix
JSA Dark Temptation
Pedro Luiz Marine
ZeroBlindDragon BlackChill→Contact 1
Sugoi - すごい Amazing
Mudderducker Apollo
Cruass Peace
Kaerox Shock
Quicksilver Jet
timon92 Vice

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