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Team games and surrender: 8/30/2015 21:20:59

Level 56
1. How points are calculated in team games?
Do we share points earned as a team?

2. For example:
Blue, Lv 10 (me)
Blue, Lv 20 (teammate)
Red, Lv 1
Red, Lv 50
Blue wins finally.

I know you get more points when you beat a high-Lv player.
But in this match, Red has a noobie (well Red mainly loses because of a poor teammate... poor red >_<)
I wonder whether you earn more or fewer points than when you win in 1v1 (a Lv10 defeats Lv50)

3. What if a teammate surrenders in the middle of the battle? You still managed to win. (^^")
Does it affect the points?

Thank you.
Team games and surrender: 8/30/2015 21:24:32

Level 62
you earn half the points for beating a lvl 50 and a lvl 1 (based on your level)
your partner earns half the points for beating a lvl 50 and a lvl 1 (based on his level)

3. No
Team games and surrender: 8/31/2015 20:24:00

Level 56
Thanks a lot, Timinator. ^_^

I thought my partner would have lost all the points.

So I guess if I am in a team of 3/4/5, the points earned will be divided by 3/4/5, right?
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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