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Terrible Sports: 11/30/2015 21:34:21

[LN] Lion
Level 57
So this morning, I decided to see if I could play an open game while in school. The first that caught my eye was one that said "2v2v2v2....." It was a 2 to a team, 20 team game with a one minute direct boot, and three minute auto boot on Imperium Romanae. Now that sounds like a hell of a lot of fun to me so I joined.

The game was set to start when the host chose for it to, so every time the game filled up, the host would act afk and then come back after a couple of people left saying he'd start when the game was full. Yet, he never started it when the game was full. Finally, hours after hosting it, he started it. Over half the players were afk aside from 6 or so, and everyone else was booted. Of course, the host and his teammate were active and booted everyone. I played for maybe 2 turns before surrendering.

Now I understand that it's your choice to join a game with a 1 min direct boot, and be more cautious etc, but I think it takes a terrible sport to host a game like that just to gain points.

The game is linked below and I'm done ranting now :)
Host: Queefballs
Terrible Sports: 11/30/2015 21:39:09

Belgian Gentleman 
Level 56
Cheating and lying. Queefballs and Pooncrew are now both on my blacklist. Thanks for the warning Lion.
Terrible Sports: 11/30/2015 21:49:25

Level 53
Queef was already a dick and already on my blacklist, as was Poon. They're both immature children. Thanks for pointing this out.
Terrible Sports: 11/30/2015 21:55:03

Level 59
Both blacklisted.
Terrible Sports: 11/30/2015 21:57:13

Level 56
I was not surprised to see QB's name mixed up in this
Terrible Sports: 11/30/2015 22:06:45

Level 60
Those two are really notorious for games like this one. Blacklist & avoid.
Terrible Sports: 12/1/2015 06:07:15

Level 55
wow. just wow. I've heard rumors before, but this is the first obvious game I've seen of poon's cheating. But what is the point of it all? what do they get out of it? Do they pat themselves on the back and tell themselves they're good players because of their boot wins? I find this intriguing...
Terrible Sports: 12/1/2015 21:02:10

Level 58
Its what Queef does, its how he wins his games

the first and last time I join a game by then, it was very satisfying to win. Though it is common knowledge that poon squad does games like this so you should of know.
Terrible Sports: 12/1/2015 21:04:20

Level 59
You tell him McDouble!
Terrible Sports: 12/1/2015 21:23:28

Level 58
Sometimes I wonder what kind of guys are behind those accounts.

Here are their 2v2 ladder stats:

Pooncrew and Queefballs, you are completely BEEP. I really wonder if someone has BEEP in your BEEP you BEEP BEEP. This is a strategy gaming site, man you BEEP BEEP. I mean seriously, not just to insult you, but come on.... Has it ever occured to you that you aren't funny but just increeeeeedibly stupid. You have absolutley no idea how to play the game, you are the bottom tier of the bottom tier.
Terrible Sports: 12/1/2015 21:36:45

Level 58
you are the bottom tier of the bottom tier.

Incorrect. I occupy that spot.
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