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Membership? Vacations?: 12/4/2015 21:00:46

Senpai Mass 
Level 15
Hi im new to the Warlight community and I really want to know if membership is worth it. Also I was curious on how vacations work. Cause I plan to play single player mostly and maybe some multiplayer but more in a semi causal sense. Im not in it for the competition. So if I play for about four months and take a long break and come back will my paid for account be deleted??? or is it just if im in a really long tournament game?
Membership? Vacations?: 12/4/2015 21:07:49

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
Well membership is definitely worth it but I wouldn't buy it personally intill you hit Lvl 50ish.

If you buy the lifetime membership (30USD) it never expires but you can buy a yearly membership that obviously expires after a year.

As for vacation can't say I've ever used the feature but they can be used as a break for a week (or a Few?)

If you left for month the you would be booted from any multiday games you where in but wouldn't lose lifetime membership.

(are accounts ever deleted?)

Edited 12/4/2015 21:08:28
Membership? Vacations?: 12/4/2015 21:10:46

Level 58
Your account will never be deleted, you may get banned if you say or do something offense but your account won't be deleted, it is also quite hard to get banned. You can't take a 4 month vacation, the maximum is 10 days at a time I think. the vacation is only for multiday, multiplayer games. if you don't play those you won't need to worry about vacations.

As for the membership and whether it is worth it, I have asked this same question. You will get access to the ladders but judging from your description of the games you enjoy this will be too competitive for you. There is also the benefit of no ads, as well as helping a great indie game. Most players get membership for those 3 reasons. I'm planning on getting membership soon, just waiting for the Rand to do better against the dollar.
Membership? Vacations?: 12/4/2015 21:44:14

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 57
Everything a membership unlocks:

    Ad-Free Play Members never have to see an advertisement on WarLight.

    Full Ladder Access Members have full access to all ladders, which are competitive arenas where players compete to see who is the best.
    (can be unlocked through leveling up though)

    Bomb Card Members can include the Bomb Card in games they create.

    Create 20 player games Members can create games with up to 20 players. This can be any mix of AIs, open seats, or other players (they don't have to be members.)
    ((you can actually get up to 40 with levels, but it won't max you at 20))

    Extra Vacations Members can take up to 7 vacations per year. (I think you can get 5 from levels?)

    Recent Games page Members can view the Recent Games page to see games other players are playing.

    Open Games Members can advertise up to four games on the Open Games section at once, whereas a non-member can only advertise two.

Honestly i wouldn't suggest buying a membership, unless you love this game and want to help support it. (or if you are super rich)

Basically how a vacation works is that you won't get booted from a game (mulit-day), so you won't have to worry about taking your turns. Vacations are at most seven days. then after the vacation (either by the time running out, or you taking a turn) you will have an hour before you are booted. So per year you can have 49 days of vacation (if they are all seven days). Also should be noted that some games do not respect vacations and you can be booted. (it says so in that games settings.)

Accounts are never deleted.

Also here are some links to the stuff on the wiki.

Edited 12/4/2015 21:54:04
Membership? Vacations?: 12/4/2015 21:56:32

Level 58
speck covered everything. Im also certain you will get bored of playing singleplayer. It isn't challenging at all, you will move to multiplayer or you will stop playing warlight altogether.
Membership? Vacations?: 12/4/2015 22:06:14

Level 10
well, Nathan played for years that way.
Membership? Vacations?: 12/4/2015 23:15:04

Senpai Mass 
Level 15
Alright thank you guys im going to be getting membership soon. Thanks guys!
Membership? Vacations?: 12/5/2015 00:18:59

Lord of Turnips
Level 57
Vacations are 10 days not 7 but you can only take 7 each year with the number you can have each year being different based on your level or membership.

And Nathan is still playing last seen just over a day ago and I have 2 friends who only play as a team together against unfair AI situations, i.e 2v7.
Membership? Vacations?: 12/5/2015 00:24:29

Level 59
I would suggest waiting until you play over 100 Multiplayer games before making a decision about membership. It was definitely worth it for me at the time I bought it, but this completely depends from player to player. It's much better for you to get some experience on warlight to know if it is worth it for you, and which package you'd like to purchase.
Membership? Vacations?: 12/5/2015 00:33:26

Level 58
There's also a few "hidden" benefits with membership, like access to an API token, ability to nominate map of the week. Not anything that will make or break a deal, but should be mentioned anyway.

Also worth pointing out that the membership benefits have changes as the game evolves, features have been added and removed over time, and that will proably be the case in the future too
Membership? Vacations?: 12/6/2015 04:54:58

Senpai Mass 
Level 15
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