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Regarding ladder rating system: 12/25/2015 04:51:50

Level 56
I rejoined the ladder after an year break so I am starting my rating again although I have achieved 1833 before.
However, I just found this statement from Warlight wiki.

"If you re-join the ladder, your existing rating will be used to rank you just as it was before you left."

Doesn't this mean my rating should have started from 1833 instead of 0? why am I doing this again? I also need to finish 20 games again.
Do I misunderstand something?

Edited 12/25/2015 04:52:46
Regarding ladder rating system: 12/25/2015 04:54:43

Level 59
Assuming you are talking about the 1v1 ladder, games expire after 3 months, meaning it will be deleted, and if all are deleted, your rating will be zero.

Edited 12/25/2015 04:55:14
Regarding ladder rating system: 12/25/2015 04:55:08

Level 56
never mind. I also found this statements:

"Games in the 1 v 1 ladder and 2 v 2 ladder will expire after a few months. Once they're expired, they no longer count towards your rankings. Games in the 1 v 1 ladder and games in the 2 v 2 ladder expire after five months. This date is calculated from the date the game ends, not the day it starts."

My old ladder games are expired.

Merry Christmas all!!
Regarding ladder rating system: 12/25/2015 04:55:45

Level 56
yeah. I should have read more carefully before asking something. haha
Thanks for your reply!
Regarding ladder rating system: 12/25/2015 21:51:58

Level 62
Benjamin, the expire time is 5 months for games. It used to be 3 months but it was changed a long time ago
Regarding ladder rating system: 12/25/2015 22:52:34

♆♆♆ RedBloodyKiller ♆♆♆
Level 59
am wondering why when you win you only earn a litle and when you lose one game your rating go down as hell and why some guys in ladder are lucky to face weak oppenents when other are unlucky and face some badass players from first round lol is that fair
Regarding ladder rating system: 12/25/2015 23:13:29

Level 57

You should read first how the ratings are calculated. Or what they are! Rating and ranking players by their score is exactly a method to eradicate simple statistics. What you describe is exactly the opposite. If you play against weaker player numerous times then your win ratio can be rather high compared to someone else who has to oppose every-day high-end players. But rating will sort that out.

Now Rating is the way to measure the "worth" of victory or loss. Points gained are dependent on your current rating and opponent rating + games played before between you and him. Its not about luck. Its about how you perform against different rating players. Beating low-rating player will not increase your points much, but beating high-ranked players will do! And opposite if you lose. Losing to low-ranked players will reduce a lot, but not as much if you take loss from players who is in top of ladder.
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