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Adoption Center for Abandoned Maps: 1/12/2016 22:57:29

[FCC] Zack105
Level 49
I've recently noticed that many players have great maps, which are left abandoned and neglected. I think that we shouldn't let this happen! If anyone has any map of any shape or size that they started, let us know, and then someone can volunteer to finish it. How the credits are split depend on the level of completion of the map- however, in most cases, it'll be 50-50
Adoption Center for Abandoned Maps: 1/13/2016 14:39:44

Level 53
This seems like it may be a decent idea, but personally, if I have even a halfway decent map, I try to finish it or at least keep it in mind to finish later. Often, The only maps I actually abandon are ones that are just so bad and it's not even possible to make them acceptable.
Adoption Center for Abandoned Maps: 1/13/2016 22:57:11

An abandoned account
Level 56
This would have been great if this thread was made in November. Last month I did a mass delete (including the SVG files) of my abandoned unfished maps. The only 1 I kept is this one: (the red ovals are supposed to be portals). It's a terrible idea for a map, but I only kept it because it was the nearest to completion.
Adoption Center for Abandoned Maps: 1/14/2016 22:36:39

Level 59
There is already a thread about this too, I guess you missed it Clement?
Adoption Center for Abandoned Maps: 1/15/2016 23:31:00

Dutch Desire
Level 59

Here is a naruto world map i started but never finished.
Needs a lot of research if you want to make it right.

Adoption Center for Abandoned Maps: 1/16/2016 18:31:37

Level 53
Somebody should find Apollo and finish his "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" map
Posts 1 - 6 of 6   

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