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am i seeing Things?: 1/18/2016 14:34:40

Level 36
So I am playing warligt on mobile and I go on realtime games and there's 2 games like this one a team Christmas massacre diplomacy the other is called time travel card diplo, I click on one and it says I need to update I do and click on both they say I still need to update, I check the app store and there gone, was there some update? I'm confused and the fact one is called time travel card diplo adds to that, I know I sound stupid.
am i seeing Things?: 1/18/2016 14:37:25

Bayern München is the best!
Level 59
Yes,there was an update on the first monday of the year.
When you open the game in the store you should can update it.
am i seeing Things?: 1/18/2016 14:39:24

master of desaster 
Level 65
You can only update adroid systems so far. Apple should be updateable soon
am i seeing Things?: 1/18/2016 14:47:39

Level 36
Ok thanks
am i seeing Things?: 1/18/2016 15:21:03

Level 62
I could update the ios version for commanders today and it works. So I guess the update is out :)

Edited 1/18/2016 15:35:43
am i seeing Things?: 1/27/2016 19:56:09

Suspicious guy
Level 3
Thank you Muli. In any special way to put it. You mean a lot to our community. I could not stop thinking what my Warlight dashboard would look without that application. It's amazing! The "clean-up dashboard" works very well and always gets bug-fixed in no time. I admire your decidation.

If we only could make a statue of you...
Posts 1 - 6 of 6   

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