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i have a question?: 2/2/2016 19:29:46

Level 58
i was wondering (i don't want to this) but is it possible to make your own ai run your warlight user

also is it aganist the rules

Edited 2/2/2016 19:32:43
i have a question?: 2/2/2016 19:49:39

Level 56
Is that you speaking or your AI, as i don`t want to speak to your AI for hours and look silly. :)
i have a question?: 2/2/2016 19:51:24

Level 62
You can make your own WL ai on the ai games

Edited 2/2/2016 22:40:10
i have a question?: 2/2/2016 19:55:27

Coronel Gavilan
Level 57
do you have it?

Edited 2/2/2016 19:55:39
i have a question?: 2/2/2016 20:27:31

Level 58
@ willc i mean so you set up a bot that contorls your player better than an ai
i have a question?: 2/3/2016 04:07:20

Level 56
As far as some of us who've looked into it can tell, it is not currently possible to do this. The brick wall you will face if you try is the Flash client UI. There are a few different APIs to access WL via bot, but there is no 'Player API' that would allow you to view the current game state and issue game-play commands. There are a couple potential possible workarounds that might work, but none exist yet, and they would be pretty hard to implement in a general way. There are two main ones that come to mind.

The first would be to programmatically intercept game-state changes and issue your own such changes, effectively wrapping your own hacked-together API around it; as far as I know, this is not condoned by Fizzer, so I wouldn't recommend it. Also, it wouldn't be very easy to do in the first place because most of the Flash client's interactions with the network and with your local computer (e.g. saving your current orders locally as you're working on your turn in a game) are encrypted.

The second would be to develop a graphical screen reader and mouse/keyboard automation to interact with the Flash client through the standard UI, but by bot rather than by person. I have no real idea how difficult/easy this might be, but it seems like it would be pretty darn difficult IMO. Maybe there are tools out there that would make this easier, but I don't know either way.

As far as I know, no one has yet attempted to actually implement any kind of workaround like this. Of the two, although it would probably be the more difficult of the two, the second method would be the most 'legit', IMO.
i have a question?: 2/3/2016 04:13:04

Level 59
The second is doable but very hard, the first is doable but is very much not condoned by Fizzer.

There is unfortunatly at this time no easy way to do this.
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