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team strategy question: 3/3/2016 16:16:32

Level 46
Sorry, I'm sure this question has been asked and is on page 241 or something, but I couldn't find it.

I am playing in a team game and I want to transfer armies to my teammate in a territory that belongs to neutral at the start of the turn. My teammate is on the west side of the neutral territory and I am on the east side. I want the turn to play out like this:

1.Teammate takes Neutral territory.
2. I transfer armies to teammate in previously neutral territory now belonging to teammate.

I am just worried that:
1. I accidentally take the territory and it belongs to me instead of my teammate (I want him to have it so he gets the bonus, and I want him to have extra armies to help take the bonus)
2. I attack him after he takes the territory, either damaging his armies or taking the territory from him.

My current plan is to delay my order by doing everything else first (I have at least a dozen other orders to do first) and have my teammate take the neutral territory as his first order.

So the question is, will this work out the way I want it to or will it happen the way I don't want it to? Thanks!

Edited 3/3/2016 16:17:33
team strategy question: 3/3/2016 16:25:29

Level 56
If the game has transfer-only enabled, you can use that. Otherwise, delaying is all you can do. Make sure your teammate attacks the territory as his first order.
team strategy question: 3/3/2016 16:26:20

Master of the Dead 
Level 63
It will work as long as your team mate doesn't get attacked on the territory he/she plans to attack the neutral from.

You do not need a dozen delays, you need exactly one valid move more than your team mate :)
You should also use the "transfer only" option to ensure that you do not take that territory if your team mate doesn't have it. In such a case, it is better you wait another turn to attempt these moves, rather than take it yourself, and then have your team mate attack you next turn to take it back.
team strategy question: 3/3/2016 16:42:01

Level 50
It will work the way you want it to so long as you don't select the treat teammates as enemies box.
team strategy question: 3/3/2016 17:03:01

Level 58
Yup. "transfer only". Works fine.
team strategy question: 3/3/2016 17:03:50

Level 46
Thanks y'all
team strategy question: 3/3/2016 17:04:14

Level 58
To find this option, go under "advanced", in the attack/transfer window that pops up, and there might be a box that says "transfer only". If this is here, then click that. If not, you might also see a "treat teammates as enemies" option. Be sure to uncheck this.
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