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Feeling Blue - Please Help!: 9/29/2016 00:20:33

Level 5
Hi all,

I've been playing this game off and on for several weeks. I've done fairly well on the Single Player mode thus far, most of the maps are very straightforward in strategy. But I have been stuck on Feeling Blue for far too long.

I have tried multiple strategies, and they all fail. I've made a mad dash up the west coast of Australia to get into Indonesia, only to be outgunned by the AI on the east coast of Australia. I've tried a slow growth approach, evenly distributing my troops in Australia and New Zealand, moving into the islands of the Western Pacific. I always end up getting overpowered by the AI that gets the huge bonuses before I can crack them. Everything I try just fails miserably.

Where should I be focusing my troops? This can't be that difficult. Any advice is welcome, thanks!
Feeling Blue - Please Help!: 9/29/2016 04:09:28

Joel Anthony Gigax
Level 8
I wish I could help but I have not played that one yet. Any advice on Someone Stole my oil?
Feeling Blue - Please Help!: 9/29/2016 04:39:54

gilead k'nights
Level 41
I might be able to help. Keep footholds in south australia on the SE and SW corners and grab a couple bonuses down there..... while your doing that work your way up all those islands in the east. I can't remember how late in the game it was but I sent a squad deep into east australia just busting up bonuses whenever I could and trying not to lose to many of those guys.

I grabbed bonuses quicker in southwest australia and played rock solid defense in the southeast if i remember correctly.

Hope this helps.

When you get to the map "three blind mice" hit me up and we can both cry together.
Feeling Blue - Please Help!: 9/29/2016 17:03:46

Level 16
Hi from france

same thing for me with the Feeling Blue stage.
Whatever I do i lose , even though i Had a lot of reinforecement bonus (30 per run) but i get killed by the army coming from the north with huge bonuses.
been playing for days trying different stategies bur never get through.
I owned all south Australia but could not defend from everything coming from all sides.

Does someone have a video of how he managed to play this turn..

many thanks to all of you
Feeling Blue - Please Help!: 9/29/2016 19:27:38

Timinator • apex 
Level 63
Just replayed the level. Only expanded (abusing knowledge about AI behaviour). Easy win in 18 turns, can be finished quicker for sure
Feeling Blue - Please Help!: 9/29/2016 20:03:12

Level 16
Hi Timinator
Win in 18 tuns... well now for sure I am bad at playing this game.
Think I am going to try a couple of times then surrender cause I cant find how to beat it
Feeling Blue - Please Help!: 9/29/2016 21:39:05

Level 56
Probably you just need to learn a little bit about how the AI works. One way I did this myself was to play lots of 'Custom Games' against multiple AI opponents in different maps and with different rules and cards and whatnot. You can find the link to start a Custom Game at the bottom of the 'Single Player > Play' page. It used to be more prominent, but now it's tucked away in the lower left corner for some reason. Anyway, if you can't find it right away, here's the link:

After you play, whether win or lose, use the History feature in the game to watch the entire game and see how the AI plays. You will soon start to see patterns, and then you'll be able to use those patterns to beat the AI much more easily.
Feeling Blue - Please Help!: 9/30/2016 19:37:39

Level 7
I just beat Feeling Blue today, after a number of failures. I noticed that the AI starting in Hainan would win if I concentrated on Australia. Or, if I concentrated on islands, the AI starting in Australia would win. During these games, I would always take the New Zealand and Western Pacific bonuses early and defend them from the AI starting Hokkaido. That Hokkaido AI was never a threat.

What I realized was that I only needed New Zealand for the early boost. Then, if I left it for the Hokkaido AI to take (and never bothered with Western Pacific), the Hokkaido AI would get strong enough to interfere with the Hainan AI. I could then concentrate completely on covering ground in Australia. The Hainan AI was much weaker when it reached Australia, and once I captured all of Australia and got the big bonus, everything else was just cleanup.

Like nateTEKtonik, I'm now getting nowhere against Three Blind Mice.
Feeling Blue - Please Help!: 9/30/2016 20:26:52

Level 16
Hello SardonicMeow

Thank you for your advises

I want to understand things well as my english is ok but maybe not 100% so please excuse me if i ask again.
So actually starting from Australia isnt reaaly good, I tasted it many times.

When you say you start from new Zealand that is ok but then you mean you go to Hokkaido is that it or am I confusing ?
Feeling Blue - Please Help!: 9/30/2016 21:02:37

Level 7
No problem, pasterma. I will try to be more clear.

Here is what worked for me:

Capture New Zealand
Capture territories in southwest Australia and capture Tazmania.
Expand in southwest Australia and expand in southeast Australia.
Defend Tazmania. Do not defend New Zealand.
Feeling Blue - Please Help!: 9/30/2016 21:36:43

Level 16
Thank you
Going to try this. Thought i tried it before but could not defende what was coming from North wet of Australia but will retry, sounds good.

Many thanks again.
Feeling Blue - Please Help!: 10/2/2016 07:33:30

Level 16
Well, well, for sure I am bad at this game.
I thought I could manage to pass this level with all the advises from Sardonic Meow but I was wrong...
I had all south australia with about 30+ reinforcement by turn but i get quickly desenchanted quick as all my territories were submerged by powerful armies.
guess I gonna quit as i getting upset with it...
Feeling Blue - Please Help!: 10/2/2016 07:51:37

gilead k'nights
Level 41
You have to break up enemy bonuses! Send a squad behind enemy lines in australia and "run hit hide".

Just go in kind of a big circle up in northeast australia avoiding the big army he's gonna send to chase you. When he fixes the hole you open up hit it again when you come back around. He'll cave.

Edited 10/2/2016 07:53:59
Feeling Blue - Please Help!: 10/2/2016 08:33:45

Level 16
i love this forum with all of you guys helping me find a way !
I am going to try this.
My main problem is always the army coming from north west devastating me from all the bonus I have in southwestern and ans east western.

Ok, lets go for another try with your advises.

Everybody have a nice day !
Feeling Blue - Please Help!: 10/2/2016 20:45:48

Level 16
God knows I have vain.
I quit now as it is getting a non sense for me to play over and over with the same result at the end. i am not so good at this game that is all, i admit.
I would like to thank everyone here who gave me advise and support, that was very kind.
I swear I have applied all I ve been told to but it seems i am missing something.
I would be very curious to see a video of one of you winning this level just for curiosity...
anyway, going to play other games now

Have fun you guys !

Feeling Blue - Please Help!: 10/2/2016 21:03:43

Math Wolf 
Level 63
In most levels: when you meet the enemy, try to delay. Let it hit you first and then hit back.

Also, if you lose, check the history, where the enemy started and how it expanded, you can see easily where and how you should expand to stop them before they get too big.
Also: let them fight each other where possible.
And remember: breaking a bonus of an enemy is almost as important as keeping your own.

Some more general hints:
* if you have 1 army in a territory, the AI tends to attack with 2. So having 4 defenders kills all attackers and allows you to grab the AI's territory.
* if you have 2 armies in a territory, the AI tends to attack with 3. So having 5 defenders kills all attackers and allows you to grab the AI's territory.
* if you have 3 armies in a territory, the AI tends to attack with 5. So having 7 defenders kills all attackers and allows you to grab the AI's territory.
* if you have 4 armies in a territory, the AI tends to attack with 6. So having 8 defenders kills all attackers and allows you to grab the AI's territory.
* if you have 5 armies in a territory, the AI tends to attack with 8. So having 10 defenders kills 7 attackers and allows you to grab the AI's territory.
If you have more armies in a territory, you're in most cases either
(*) playing it wrong
(*) already winning
If not, adapt the rules above accordingly.
If multiple territories border, the general rules still apply but the AI may attack multiple times (from each territory). Adapt accordingly if it's an important territory, don't adapt if it isn't.
Feeling Blue - Please Help!: 10/2/2016 21:31:23

Level 16
Hello MathWolf.
Thank you for taking some time for those explanations, like many people hre who do, I really appreciate.
to be honest, this is absolutely what I have applied until this level (feeling blue).

But this level is getting me like I want to throw my screen through the window.
I have checked the history several times and the scenario is always the same..
The Ai coming from northwest is always too powerful...
As soon as the AI gets all Indonesia it gets 30 armies per turn only for Indonesia, not counting the other territories.
I have try to block the entry in "Derby"(on the map with 30 armies and a back up right behing with 15 armies but it doesnt work neither.
Actually I dont know what I havent tried but everytime it doesnt work.
I have tried to apply all the adises i have been given...

But as I said, I am not getting it and it seems obvious i am bad at this game.
The thing is I have succeed the other levels, sometimes with difficulties and with a long time but this one is pissing me off.

It is very kind once again to try to help me. But don't worry i wont cry if I stop playing here, there are more impoirtant things in life.

Feeling Blue - Please Help!: 10/4/2016 10:06:13

Level 16
Just one last question pleasea bout that level.

After conquering New zealand and entering Autralia by south, do I have to conquer territories and defend them while growing north? Because it demands lots of armies
and same thing about south west of Australia... Iam conquering south western autralia (+5) and east western australia (+4) and growing north but when I arrive north west Australia then the AI coming from Indonesia is getting in Australia with huge armies and destroy all I have done.
So how should I prevent This Ai to get his huge bonus in Indonesia as I cant even defend my territories in west and east of Australia even with 25/30 armies reinforcement by turn.

There is something I don't get as it takes too much time to arrive in Northwest and in that time the AI is getting very strong.

What Am I missing here please?

So sorry to bother you again and again but its hard for me to don't understand the strategy to apply here as I have tried several and many with the same result: the AI from Indonesia is always the strongest and slaughter me...

Thank you guys
Feeling Blue - Please Help!: 10/13/2016 00:16:45

Level 5
Thanks everyone for the replies. Math Wolf, your advice on delaying attack when finding an enemy was probably the most helpful hint for this map. On previous attempts, I would always load up when I encountered an enemy and strike first. And I was always losing. After reading your post, I attempted it using the strategies that others posted, keeping the 1 island entering SE Australia, then building up on SW Australia. I would build up my defense and let enemies hit me first, then attack next round. What do you know, I beat this map 1st try after reading your post!

So glad to be finished with this one!
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