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Bomb Saudi: 10/25/2016 11:42:05

[FEL] The Prince of Felidia
Level 55
Bomb Saudi now! Is sexist country! Woman die because she was in a segregate zone! 14 years since 15 girls are kebabs because they had to wear burqas! I am disrespectful to Saudi! Can you see that I am serious?

Edited 10/25/2016 11:42:21
Bomb Saudi: 10/25/2016 11:48:45

Remove Kebab
Level 57
How old are you?

You sound like a kid ranting about random things.

You should get to the point not rant.

Is this a joke?

Edited 10/25/2016 11:49:12
Bomb Saudi: 10/25/2016 12:52:18

[FEL] The Prince of Felidia
Level 55
See, that's exactly what you and Karl sound like to me. Are you 12 or something?
Bomb Saudi: 10/25/2016 19:15:40

Belgian Gentleman 
Level 56

The first time I can agree with you my pal. You have my approval of doing so.
Bomb Saudi: 10/25/2016 20:05:52

Cata Cauda
Level 58
Yeah, nuke your oil source. Good plan, Belgian.
See, thats why Belgium doesnt exist!
Bomb Saudi: 10/25/2016 20:06:20

Von Jewburg
Level 35
That would be nuking Russia Cata.
Bomb Saudi: 10/25/2016 20:11:59

Spenglerian Traditionalist
Level 47
>cries about sexism
>says I cry about sexism

topkek kike, I support misogyny I don't complain about it.
Bomb Saudi: 10/25/2016 20:47:26

Belgian Gentleman 
Level 56
Cata. You had dozens of good puns to chose from and you choose the worst one. One chance to be funny, but you blew it.
Bomb Saudi: 10/30/2016 07:20:15

Палач из Империй
Level 37
Kek, acting like a mentally retarded countryball
Posts 1 - 9 of 9   

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