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Warlight AI in JavaScript: 10/31/2016 20:17:51

Sai Kurogetsu
Level 56
I've seen there is that official API for programming Warlight AIs, which is very nice of Fizzer. But it's written in C# and I'm allergic to C# and Java. Is there a way to code those bots in any sane language? JavaScript would be nice, I would just drop that code on my Node.js server, but PHP or Python is acceptable too. :v
Warlight AI in JavaScript: 10/31/2016 22:10:27

Level 62
For JS AIs, see, You might want to check the WarLight blog as well for the announcements.

Edited 10/31/2016 22:11:03
Warlight AI in JavaScript: 11/1/2016 01:08:05

Level 57

Since the bot is running on your own computer, you are free in your language choice. I guess the easiest way is to look into the standard WarLight C# AI code for the stuff that is passed between the WarLight server and your server.

The problem is however that once you have written some working bot, you will have pretty much nothing to do with it. WarLight doesn't offer an arena for AIs, but then again you could invite some other players (human players) to play against your bot.
Warlight AI in JavaScript: 11/4/2016 23:28:10

Sai Kurogetsu
Level 56
Okay, thanks! :D

I want a bot just to play with us in our clan games, so that's ok.
Warlight AI in JavaScript: 11/6/2016 02:37:48

Level 58
Is the communication between the bot and the server just over HTTP requests?
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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