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Revamping maps?: 1/1/2017 21:04:17

The Dinkster
Level 52
With maps such as a tale of four cities, double earth, big usa, and scrabble having recently gained popular preference in the last month, (based on my lurking time before I create this account and actually really started getting into this community)I think it's time that maps be allowed to have people revise/edit them to give more accurate layouts, connections, add important elements (aka slave trade routes of north African coast bonuses and the like along seas, and certain major cities having strongholds and the fairly recent negative bonuses on sieging armies). It would help keep these re-kindling popularities to last longer, and be more consistent. People get tired of old maps not being updated. I think they really prefer updates to old maps being about a 5:1 or more ratio to new maps being created. I'm not considering editing bonuses of territories to be updates, as that is already accessible to being changed by hosts.
Revamping maps?: 1/2/2017 01:08:08

Level 54
There's a problem however, trolls.

What would happen if a troll were to edit the map in such a way as to completely destroy it? Hours of work and research have suddenly vanished, without a trace.

However, we could make it so that there's a voting system on what should be edited, and when there's a winner, the map creator could edit the map himself. That way the maps could be edited with security.

This is still a great idea btw Dinkster, I'd love it if the hosts added this into WarLight.
Revamping maps?: 1/2/2017 01:10:05

The Dinkster
Level 52
Have hard copies of the original map, and allow people to copy it, and be allowed to edit? I like the idea of a voting system, and the rights to the final edition of the map being reserved to the creators.

Edited 1/2/2017 01:11:15
Revamping maps?: 1/2/2017 01:25:50

Level 60
I update and tweak my maps every now and then, sometimes making better art on it, but most people dont do that.

Believe it or not, most people that do not create maps will play the same few maps over and over.
Revamping maps?: 1/2/2017 01:59:25

[FCC] Aura Guardian 
Level 61
Other players can recreate any map on warlight they want to at any time, if they feel like they can improve on it, if they give credit back to the original mapmaker for the concept. Notable examples are Semicedevine's "Snowy Antarctica MK-S", a remake of my post-melt Antarctica, and Farah's "Europe Remake" Which is a remake of Troll's "Europe". I feel this is perfectly fine. To be honest, neither of these maps, and other remade maps, were nearly as successful as their originals, so I generally don't see remaking as a particularly useful endeavor.

Edited 1/2/2017 02:00:37
Revamping maps?: 1/2/2017 02:28:04

Level 60
Revamping maps?: 1/6/2017 00:38:25

Level 55
horrible imagination... it's a much easier solution, if you simply dont play flawed maps.
Revamping maps?: 1/6/2017 18:12:52

Clint Eastwood 
Level 59
Remakes are not always bad. I raise you Race to the Island:
And then Race to the Island 2.0:
Revamping maps?: 1/18/2017 04:03:32

zxctycxz [Ollie Bye] 
Level 57
I think A Tale of Four Cities is beyond salvaging. I was happy with it when I made it, but it hasn't aged well. The territories are too simple in most cases. However, if someone could come up with a system that incorporates the things you mentioned, such as slave routes, into a map well, I could make a new one. Since my last public one, I've tried a couple of other ideas, but they just don't seem to be working.
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