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Darklord: 2/3/2017 03:24:13

Marigold Sunshine 
Level 59
Does Darklords have any decent players? i dont recall seeing any top players have that badge. and none of the top 10 coin game winners are in it. so, i can only assume from that and this line from their page, "We are the largest and most powerful clan in Warlight." that they are only most "powerful" because of the amount of members they have. That's not how power should be ranked.
Darklord: 2/3/2017 06:43:57

Fc Bayern
Level 62
They are a running gag on the Clan list.
80% are inactive Player.
They have invited me 3 times to join their clan ^^
Darklord: 2/3/2017 10:17:17

Level 58
Well, The Master and mappino have around 1500 rating on the 1vs1 ladder, which is not that bad I guess( actually it is pretty decent, considering that is not the clan's focus). Darklordia fullfiled his dream, to be the leader of the greatest clan by spamming invites to everyone... You have to give credit to him for that... But I'd want to see the day when DARKLORDS gets hijacked...
Darklord: 2/3/2017 11:12:19

Level 60
Only purpose behind DARKLORDS was to get #1 on clan list by spam-inviting everyone. Only decent/good players that were there either joined for laugh and then left, or were recruited by other clans.
Darklord: 2/3/2017 14:26:58

Level 55
everyone loves to hate the DARKLORDS too much, I think it just makes them feel better about their clan if they can point out all the ways they're better than this big clan.
Darklord: 2/4/2017 20:14:04

Marigold Sunshine 
Level 59
I like how many members they have vs how many are seen on the forum or in open games. I think I've seen like 3 or 4 diff players. Im sure there are quite a few alts or accounts that played for a few days and quit.

Edited 2/4/2017 20:14:48
Posts 1 - 6 of 6   

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