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Rambling about the Impact of Karl Goldberg: 3/3/2017 07:09:05

Castle Bravo
Level 56
Karl Goldberg now finds himself exclusively in the company of computer games, replaying the same games over and over again in a sad cycle bound to amount to nothingness and decay. He has abandoned his short-lived role as educator, a role that he held for the most part of 2016. A role that earned him a handful of disciples, owing not to any particular rhetorical skill of his but to his extensive knowledge of underground redpilled titles and his willingness to share the secrets locked therein.

Karl simply ran out of things to discuss with his limited skype audience, owing to the fact that his discussions were merely interest-based and entertainment-based. He was never a dedicated philosopher or ideologue, and simply shitposted at those who refused to consider his points. Karl Goldberg never "followed through" with anyone who upon a moment's glance appeared to be anything short of spiritually salvageable. In that regard he was only able to affect individuals who were already open to arguments and simply required proper orientation.

Is Karl's a success story? Karl was never determined to "redpill" anyone and one could easily refuse to discuss with him. His influence was merely accidental but significant; Karl Goldberg, the humorist and the poet was a captivating personality whose friendship (in a superficial internet context?) proved to be just the substance redpilled "alt-righers" "nationalists" and other similar brands needed to transition to the final step.

The few people that he impacted are very lucky to have been in his company during that pivotal period of activity, which very well may never come again. Karl Goldberg has fallen into a decadence even irony would see difficult to justify. The disciples should never forget Karl Goldberg, who was the unifying spirit of the departure, but they should recognize the new way forward that looks to fresh and well-socialized individuals for guiding ethos.
Rambling about the Impact of Karl Goldberg: 3/3/2017 08:51:46

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51
Rip Karl

The guy who went berserk when I lied to him about why I argue (he never found out why I argue, though I guess I could tell him now)

May he wander the Mojave for eternity as the Ninth High Culture
Rambling about the Impact of Karl Goldberg: 3/3/2017 11:09:25

Level 60
Computer games > people.

Nothing to mourn about.
Rambling about the Impact of Karl Goldberg: 3/3/2017 12:53:48

{Canidae} Kretoma 
Level 57
Lol Warlight has its first Martyr. XD
Rambling about the Impact of Karl Goldberg: 3/3/2017 13:12:47

Level 60
Who cares
Rambling about the Impact of Karl Goldberg: 3/3/2017 14:54:41

Castle Bravo
Level 56
Onoma still salty about getting btfo

I remember when he couldn't stop yelling "fuck you" at Karl in the Skype call

Get rekt slav
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