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Feedback on reporting: 12/8/2011 01:01:15

Level 49
Is there a way to see if a report of mine got through, got rejected or is being dealt with?
Because a while a go I intended to report some user and I'm relatively (not 100% though) sure I clicked all the right buttons and sent the report.
Now I look at said users Profile and see he's still active. Of course it's possible he only got a warning but as I mentioned I'm a bit unsure I even managed to send the report. I really don't want to report twice, though...
Feedback on reporting: 12/8/2011 01:25:29

Level 60
I once reported a very racist insult. Poorly it was not against the USA, so nothing happened...
Welcome to Warlight.
Feedback on reporting: 12/8/2011 08:27:01

Tim (TIM CLAN) 😡 
Level 60
Maybe you just didn't spin the subject correctly. You could have made it sound like it was against the USA. :)

Really though, I have seen a lot of bad behavior and early on I reported a few things like a game name " rape young girls"
It was clear from the get go that those types of things are not really dealt with unless its someone who is doing tons of crap all the time. The odd hand comment does not seem to be enough to get anyone in any kind of trouble.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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