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Looking back: 5/18/2017 08:19:41

[WOLF] The Conservative
Level 56
My oh my, how things have changed. I look back at the firs time I came on the forums and I see how things have changed.

I can't remember my first post, I don't think many of us can, but I sure do remember what I felt. You know, the glaring pain of realizing nobody gives a shit what you think.

But, 35 clans and a thousand political debates I always lost later and here I am. I'm sad to see that Ox is basically gone, a lot of the oldies no longer care, and the forums are full be newbies I don't know. I never thought I'd miss Karl trolling, in fact, if he does it on this post, I'll actually be really happy lol.

But time to update you I suppose. If anyone noticed, Paugers hasn't been on at all in awhile. I and him have met and we are best in friends in real life. He's currently in the process of joining the military (I and his sister are still trying to talk him out of it). What else? Well, a couple of older fellas like Realm and Houston I still talk to sometimes.

And me? I am finally where I want to be. Editor of Politics for United Broadcasting Company. I get min wage and have a low budget, but it's great for experience and preparing for college (Not mentioning the university) where I will majoring in political science and minoring in Global studies. If any of you really care, you can find my stuff at or on Instagram at @ubcpolitics

Well, I can't promise if I ever come back (I will just for the comments on this) but I wanted to check up. Anyway, viva la france hail Macron etec etc etc (Those of you who want to keep in touch persoanlly, Private message and I'l give you my personal Insta or FB)

Edited 5/18/2017 08:32:04
Looking back: 5/18/2017 12:49:47

Emperor Justinian
Level 48
Looking back: 5/18/2017 13:43:40

zażółć gęślą jaźń
Level 56
You know it's not a blog right?
Looking back: 5/18/2017 14:14:23

Belarusian Gentleman
Level 17
I don't speak Vietnamese, Tabby.
Looking back: 5/18/2017 14:27:15

Level 56
>with your grammar

It's "He and I" or "I and he", not "I and him" btw
Looking back: 5/18/2017 14:31:47

Level 61
I was wondering where Paugers had gone , now he is confirmed to be locked in your basement.
Looking back: 5/18/2017 19:09:20

[WOLF] The Conservative
Level 56
Hey Cat and Riku nice to see ur still around!
Looking back: 5/18/2017 19:21:27

{Canidae} Kretoma 
Level 57
You are all irrelevant. I have more games going at moment than all of you combined, and i am at a low profile phase right now.
Looking back: 5/18/2017 21:03:27

Clint Eastwood 
Level 59
Please, I'm trying to cut down on my games and I can't escape. 41 and counting.
Looking back: 5/18/2017 22:29:07

Von Jewburg
Level 35
Things are different WOLF.
Looking back: 5/18/2017 23:22:46

Cata Cauda
Level 58
Yeah, the OT pretty much is a shithole now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

He's currently in the process of joining the military (I and his sister are still trying to talk him out of it).

That sounds like great news for Paugers if you ask me. Finally he can be a productive member of society.

Edited 5/18/2017 23:25:13
Looking back: 5/18/2017 23:48:58

[WOLF] The Conservative
Level 56
Cata, it was always a shithole.

The difference was it used to be a semi-fun shithole.

Now it's just a shithole
Looking back: 5/18/2017 23:57:53

Darth Darth Binks
Level 56
^ The thing that made OT great was that it had no value. Now it has a negative value. That's part of why I don't frequent as often.

Glad to hear things are going well, WOLF.
Looking back: 5/19/2017 00:29:19

Castle Bravo
Level 56
take your blog somewhere else
Looking back: 5/19/2017 09:46:38

Level 60
The thing that made OT great was that it had no value.

This sentence doesn't make sense.
OT around 2014/2015 was fun, because it was funny, now all the funniest shitposters retired and got replaced by political trolls.
Looking back: 5/19/2017 13:41:53

Emperor Justinian
Level 48
^Would you say my first thread was funny or stupid?
Looking back: 5/19/2017 20:48:30

Level 54
Good to see you Cons
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