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Team member takes over surrendered/booted player: 1/7/2012 12:27:29

Level 37
When a player is booted or surrenders from a team play, would it be possible to let a team member take over his position, instead of just surrender or AI?

And maybe even let the remaining team members select which territories they want.
Team member takes over surrendered/booted player: 1/7/2012 12:57:22

Level 3
Any chance that a player's surrender or boot could be advantageous to their team should be prevented.
So no.
Team member takes over surrendered/booted player: 1/7/2012 14:55:56

{rp} General Mac 
Level 53
it is very annoying when a team mate boots or surrenders. infact it happened only the other day to me in a tournament game where we were definitely going to win.

but i agree with Domenico, it gives to much advantage to the side with a booted player.

besides if team has a player that boots or surrenders then that team doesnt really deserve to win. after all its a team game.
Team member takes over surrendered/booted player: 1/7/2012 19:56:44

Level 2
i agree with MT. it would be so much simpler if, on a multi-day game,i could just call up my friend, who also plays Warlight, and ask if he'll take the place of a player who quit. Then it would be exactly the same as before, only with a different player behind the controls. There would be no advantage gained from the player leaving either, wherever you got that idea from. So what if he's a little bit better than the guy who was there before? at least he won't quit, hopefully.
Team member takes over surrendered/booted player: 1/7/2012 20:36:49

Level 44
drew, that is a different idea then the one presented.. and both have been presented previously.

giving the territories of player A, to player B and C, could give player B and C a tactical advantage..
giving the territories of player A, to a new player that joins, would require a method of pausing the game until another player arrives.. perhaps as an option, but booting is generally there to *speed* up a game, not *slow* it down
Team member takes over surrendered/booted player: 1/8/2012 22:38:30

Level 5
Perhaps he meant you are able to control two players and you can switch between the two freely to do your turns and see what is best. Your income does not add up. The two players are still separate. The only difference is that the skill level of the booted/surrendered team player now is equal to that of another team player. It should not matter if he is better or worse. I do believe that would speed up the game. Surely requires some developing work, though.
Team member takes over surrendered/booted player: 1/9/2012 05:46:19

Level 25
That wouldn't be so bad Darkruler, unless it was a Real Time game.

Example: Player A's average turn is 3 minutes on the large Poland map. So he joins a 2v2 5 minute boot game. Everything's fine until Player B, Player A's ally, gets booted. Now Player A gets to take over Player B seperately and everything's fine until its gets 10-15 turns into the game. Player A takes 3 minutes by himself, but by playing as both players he takes 6 minutes. Which is over the boot time and upsets Player C, who then boots him.

You can also make tactical decisions much faster in your head without having to type anything, giving a team of 2 with a booted player an advantage.

Just my 3 cents.
Team member takes over surrendered/booted player: 1/9/2012 10:37:46

Level 5
That's not a problem, is it? If you did not take control over the player, he would be booted in turn 5 (as an example). Now, you're able to control both players until turn 15, after which he gets booted. That's ten turns of having an additional player on your team. In multi-day this is not even an issue at all.

Sure, there are issues, and they'll need to be worked out. I don't have an answer for each individual problem, though, and I'm sure they'll come up eventually.
Team member takes over surrendered/booted player: 1/9/2012 14:48:51

Level 55
Darkruler's idea does have potential but one caveat is it becoming a new intentional thing!
(Me with two armies against a team of two armies ) ( u join with me and then surrender .... I'll join with u then surrender....)
Team member takes over surrendered/booted player: 1/9/2012 18:08:49

Level 5
I don't fully understand what you mean, Zippy. The idea is that you control both players separately, you don't gain all of their territories under a single player. So, you'd take your own turn, submit, and then take the turn of your ally, submit.
Team member takes over surrendered/booted player: 1/14/2012 17:00:15

Level 12
Maybe better that all that and less intrusive to the actual gameplay.. It would be nice if you could at least influence the AI (especially after a boot or surrender turns to AI) to do certain things.

It is annoying, for example when you get locked into a corner and the AI will not gift a territory to you even though the team has 5 gift cards. Or you could have a way to ask the AI on your team to donate RI to you or another teammate in need.

This wouldn't give any greater advantage than playing with a human, and would keep control separate. My 2 cents
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