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diplomacy and role play: 4/10/2014 14:45:42

Level 60
I wanted to know is there a difference between diplomacy and role play games
also I have never played neither so if someone can explain how it goes like rules game play and such that would be great
diplomacy and role play: 4/10/2014 15:12:27

Level 56
diplomacy = FFA where it is allowed to make allies, with or without rules.
role play = diplomacy but here you have to make big text lines so it looks like you're a real country.
diplomacy and role play: 4/10/2014 15:15:05

Level 55
Diplomacy games, you wage war in a more diplomatic manner. This entails declaring war on a particular player or group and not just randomly attacking people. It is also common practice to form alliances(which sometimes can lead to backstabbing).
The people who make diplomacy games all have their own special rules which they add and you would have to follow(most diplomacy rules are in the settings)

Role playing is just playing diplomacy games but being more involved. Players who role play usually add little "news" reels in the chat explaining something about the nation/state/provence they are playing as. It is sometimes something related to current world affairs other times it can be completely random. It just adds an extra flare to diplomacy games.
diplomacy and role play: 4/10/2014 15:20:06

Level 56
I like to play a alien from a far away planet in role playing games:
Only typing strage symbols on the chat :P
diplomacy and role play: 4/10/2014 15:58:02

Level 57
{rp} Is a perfect example of role play. The clue is in the name, role play encourages you to take a role. Whether it is a leader of your country or a lead of an organisation etc. There's many possibilities. Role play involves Dimplomacy in a mature fashion and is discussed more realistically. As well as this, public chat is an important element. There you are encouraged to broadcast, made up news or create drama (roleplay). You are expected to have constant involvement and there are normally specific rules for you to follow. There's many different kinds of roleplay games. Either historical, fantasy, or unique fun games (which can be found in the {rp} clan).

Oh and diplomacy I'd say is simpler, it sometimes has rules and you can make diplomacy. But no really specific story line or roles included. The term 'public enemy' tends to appear on those games.

Edited 4/10/2014 16:00:12
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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