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Antarctica: 8/22/2012 02:12:44

Level 14
I was looking through all the maps and I found there was no "Antarctica" maps. So I made one. Here's the link: . Ready for testing! Post if you want to test.
Antarctica: 8/22/2012 02:30:03

Level 14
The game will be a multi-day 4 player game. (Warlords distribution, no cards)
Antarctica: 8/22/2012 03:05:59

Level 19
Looks pretty good. Ill help test.

Several things though:

1. It does seem a bit unbalanced, and many of the bonuses seem awfully large. obviously, owning Peter I Island is a huge advantage.

2. I would try to use the actual names for the regions, especially the islands. Here's a map: If you would like, I can go through and come up with names for each of the territories for you. Just let me know.

3. There is a Chilean claim between Marie Byrd Land and the UK claim. Its not included on your map... intentional?

4. Simplify some of your paths: (New Zealand lands 1, 2, and 3; Unclaimed outer, inner, south pole, and island 1; Australia Inner, outer and 5; Norway land outer 2; and UK Peninsula and islands 1 and 2.)

5: Use the "Snap-to cusp nodes" function of Inkscape, especially for the centre. This will help align all the central territories so they essentially come to the same point, and the map will look more uniform.

6: Its not obvious that UK land 3 and Unclaimed island 1 are connected. Perhaps a connection line would clear that up.

7: You're missing connections between UK land 1 and Norway land Outer 1 and inner 1.
Antarctica: 8/22/2012 15:10:03

Level 14
1. Actually I was planning of making Peter I Island a "city". As you can see it is connected to only one territory. (That was intentional). I should get rid of the French claim bonus. (It'll still be there, just worth 0).
2. Sorry, looking at it, it looks like I would have to do the whole thing over again.
3. Actually, there are 3 claims in that area. The problem was they all overlapped. I didn't really want to figure out how to really do it so I just picked the largest one.
4. This was made from a photo. I'd have to completely redo it to fix that.
5. I did.
6 and 7. Sorry, I didn't catch that. I just fixed it.
Also note that this is my first realistic map.
Antarctica: 8/22/2012 16:20:00

Level 58
I`ll help to test.
Antarctica: 8/22/2012 17:09:28

Level 14
One more player.
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