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In The Meantime : WW2 Scenario.: 11/9/2014 20:20:43

Level 52

WW2 Tactics - Strategic World December 1941

The world is at war!
Decades ago, 2 rival factions, the Entente and the Central Powers, clashed together in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific and Asia. Due to the Entente victory, many empires fell, new societies arose and the world became wrought with torment and devastation left by the Great War. Now, the world has been split into 2 major factions once again, the Allies and the Axis Powers.
North African Theatre
Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel, a prominent German commander, is leading the Axis Powers in the North African Front alongside Italian commander Messe, while Ricardo controls the Navy and oversees the Congo Campaign. Free French Commander Charles de Gaulle, alongside General Alexander and General Patton of Britain and America respectively, are leading Allied forces in this African theatre. Tensions are high there, with the strong and determined Axis push. But just how long can the limited resources Hitler has granted to Rommel last?

Eastern Front
Soviet Generals Rokossovski and Zhukov are pushed to their last straws. German forces ( mixed with Finns, Romanians, Hungarians, Slovakians and Italians ) are under the command of Manstein, Mannerheim, Dumitrescu and Guderian are tasked to the limit as well. The planned Battle of Leningrad has been put on hold again for the much more valued Battle of Moscow. The Mixed Forces have united under the banner of the " 6th Army " and are planning to make a fatal push into Stalingrad to control the oil fields of the Caucasus ( and demoralize the Soviet war efforts as the city bears the Secretary General's name ). Can the Siberian reinforcements arrive in time? Will the German forces be equipped with proper Winter equipment?

Western Front
Hectic doesn't begin to describe things. The Eastern Front has put a huge tax on German coastal defence forces, and Allied forces are continuing to win the important skirmishes in the Battle of the Atlantic. How long can Germany last until Operation Sledgehammer crushes their only odds? Can Generals Model, Leeb and Kleist make a comeback? Or will Weygand, Simonds, Eisenhower and Montgomery take the initiative?

Asian Theatre
Wow. Mountbatten is having a bad day today. Japanese forces under Seigeyoshi, Shunroku and Yamashita have made major progress, taking Burman, China and Manchuria respectively. General Vasilevsky, Li, Zhu and Mountbatten will have to co-ordinate if they hope of taking on the Japanese forces. Will China be liberated? Will Indochina suffer another century of Imperialism? Will Russia regain their glory after the humiliating defeat in the Russo-Japanese War?

Pacific Theatre
Japan has been making many territorial gains overtime. Starting in 1933, they were at war with China ( that is, both the PRC and ROC ) and were making major progress. They were making many important gains in the Pacific. After a crushing defeat at Singapore , and the Netherlands' catastrophic losses in the Oceania, Europe was kicked out of the Pacific by Japan. But it wasn't enough for Hideki Tojo. Against the Emperor's will, Tojo declared war on America ( the note was about a MONTH late.. fail ) and the Pearl Harbor has been bombed ( but the carriers weren't there ... epic fail ). With the Sleeping Giant awoken, Allied forces under Crace, Halsey, Mountbatten, Fleming and Blamey are up against the very prominent Japanese commanders Yamamoto, Osami, Nanbu, Jisaburo and Kuribayashi. Will Japan's Zeros lead the way? Or will Halsey's bold maneuvering win the day?

Edited 11/9/2014 20:30:49
In The Meantime : WW2 Scenario.: 11/9/2014 20:29:15

Level 52

There are 3 starting roles : Allied, Axis and Neutral. 

The Axis and Allies ( obviously ) start out at war with each other.

Axis Nations do not need to declare war before attacking a neutral nation,
but in every other case the player must declare war to attack. 

Using the Scenario as a skeleton, you could easily modify the game to your liking.

For example, if one wants Germany to be much more prominent in the Eastern Front,
just spike up a few stacks there and you're good to go.

You can also modify the game to multi-day ( realtime is the standard, but multi-day is the 
way it was meant to be played ).

Depending on whether you prefer strategy or diplomacy much more, player can make neutrals 
Axis or Ally right off the bat ( Turkey and Spain going Axis while Mexico and Brazil go 
Allied is the preferred and realistic format for this ) or they can change it to where there 
is no immediate warfare, everybody is alone in the beginning, etc. 

With all of this in mind, lead on, great General, and bear arms against your foes whilst you bring out the new Golden Age of Humanity that this war halted ( or perhaps bring on yet another war ).

Edited 11/9/2014 20:29:47
In The Meantime : WW2 Scenario.: 11/10/2014 15:41:21

Level 57
So are you running it as a diplo game or just leaving the template up there? Because I am very interested in this.
In The Meantime : WW2 Scenario.: 11/10/2014 22:55:47

Level 52
I'm leaving the template up here, but I'll probably run the game a few times ( in multi-day format ) just for fun. Also, I prefer the term scenario, diplo is just...

In The Meantime : WW2 Scenario.: 11/13/2014 22:17:51

Level 48
In The Meantime : WW2 Scenario.: 11/13/2014 23:22:24

Level 52
When I feel like it.
In The Meantime : WW2 Scenario.: 11/14/2014 02:35:10

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
The distribution needs refinement, perhaps on issanders world? you can gain much more precise borders and give the British and French pockets of resistance across North Africa and France, also it opens you up to have an Indochinese resistance. also, include Chile and Argentina, as their navies were important in the battle of the Pacific as they held down all of the southern Pacific Islands from Japanese conquest, Ireland was also in a state of civil rebellion so they should be fighting the British on a very low level, but enough Britain worries. add more countries, like the Mongolian SSR they fought Japan most of the war, also split China along its ideological lines so after Japan is defeated they fight for dominance. also, add the forum description as your Basic info on the Template.
In The Meantime : WW2 Scenario.: 11/14/2014 03:45:26

Level 52
1. If you hadn't noticed, it's ridiculously ginormous ( that's what she said ) so I cannot put the forum description into the Template's Basic Info.

2. Issander's world is too big ( that's what she said.... ) for what I wanted in this scenario ( good detail for every front, but not so much to where it feels like you're the President giving order to every soldier in your army, instead I wanted the player to feel like multiple Field Marshalls giving order to their commanders to lead assaults on massive scales.

3. British and French resistance? Lolwut? You mean that thing where people tried to stand up to the Nazis but got slapped like a ho? Tobruk is the only place I can see such a thing working out, but despite that being major for North Africa, it wouldn't be major on a global warfare scale. Indochinese Resistance? Pretty sure Indochina was FOR Japan for the most part, except for the people that weren't. Mostly Burmans.

4. Sorry Chileans and Argentinians, your navies aren't big enough ( okay, stop it this is getting really annoying now! )to be commendable. Besides, who'd want to play as a guy who holds the line just to get crushed after 2 turns?!?

5. Ireland... Shmireland ( badumTSSSS ).

6. I wanted this game to feel like a bit more in-depth Axis & Allies ( the board game from the 80s. What? You were a 90s kid? Smh ). Adding even more countries that aren't essential to the dynamic totally ruins it ( Mongolia is much more better to keep neutral, it offers a strategic chokepoint, when you incorporate the Himalayas, the Chinese become the only buffer between the Western USSR and Japan, besides Siberia, which is also a good bottleneck area ).

7. China's military show was mostly being run by the PRC, ROC only had resistance forces at this point.

8. Perhaps you didn't read the title..... WORLD. WAR. TWO. TACTICS. This is NOT a diplomacy game, it's a game of operational thinking, strategic maneuvering, tactical consideration and political cunning. For example :

Russia needs Berlin! Russia will need to :
  • Hold off German reinforcement waves
  • Assault important German territories
  • Wipe out other entities' presence in the Eastern Front

Now, Russia just needs to weigh how they need to consider how they are going to move their forces to correctly counter enemy moves in order to follow those objectives for the operation they have planned. Turkey is in the nearby area and has a very important position they could hit Axis Forces from! Russia should consider aligning themselves with Turkey to get added firepower for their front.

9. If you want to, you CAN make your own scenario for all these little details you want. This is just a basis that anyone can mess with. People often are not the best when it comes to making accurate scenarios, so people like me have to give them a lantern to help them on their way :)

Edited 11/14/2014 03:48:29
In The Meantime : WW2 Scenario.: 11/14/2014 04:12:58

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
I am a 90's child and now im feeling a little bit
In The Meantime : WW2 Scenario.: 11/14/2014 16:54:05

E Masterpierround
Level 56
Who says 90s children don't play axis and allies?
In The Meantime : WW2 Scenario.: 11/16/2014 00:48:56

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
heres what I've done with your Idea and basic template
In The Meantime : WW2 Scenario.: 11/16/2014 00:59:14

Level 33
I love the idea. Can't wait to play your template.
In The Meantime : WW2 Scenario.: 11/16/2014 17:51:06

Level 52
Yuri, I don't understand your template that well...

For starters, I guess the Belgian Government in Exile thing was okay, but why the heck is there no Polish Exile, Dutch Exile, French Exile, Yugoslavian Exile etc. etc. ?!!?

I know that Poland sure as hell did a lot more than Belgium while they were in exile!

I can get some of the territories Vichy France gets, but seriously? They didn't have Madagascar, everything the French used to own in Africa and the Levant... especially at December 1941. Germany seems a little underpowered, considering that they only have a few 100-500 stacks to start off Barbarossa, while Russians have at least 5 1,000 stacks to bolster their front lines.

Japan is way too underpowered as well. America would ground pound them at the current settings. While this situation would be true after Midway, at around the late 1941, Japan was a naval God! ( and air God ). They should be at least twice as powerful than the US at the start so that USA doesn't trample them.

The PRC and ROC fronts are okay, though they seem a little overpowered still. A little weaker, and Japan won't have to suffer everywhere else when they just want a little protection in the West.

I don't understand why you've cut off the Persia area from Britain's control. Persia is a strategically invaluable place considering it leads into Britain's weak West India and the Soviets' unguarded underbelly.

Since you've given so much power to the Vichy, the Italians feel very underpowered. I mean, come on! Don't tell me that the Vichy were 2x as strong as the Italians!

Perhaps one of the most important aspects you overlooked though? STRATEGIC NECESSITY! I mean, there's as much reason to conquer Berlin as there is to conquer Norway in this game... You need to spike up certain bonuses to intend combat in certain places. Otherwise, you just get a bunch of random operations that end up missing the aspect of a WW2 game.

Overall, this map just looks like a bad diplomacy time bomb waiting to happen. It's obvious whose going to win, it's obvious that the Neutral nations are pretty powerless. I really don't understand how you think the game's going to translate well into the 1950s and 1960s. There's going to be barely enough nations remaining from the War for there to still be diplomacy. More than likely, the Allies will just gang up on all the Neutrals.

Verdict : 6/10

Edited 11/16/2014 17:55:35
In The Meantime : WW2 Scenario.: 11/16/2014 19:40:35

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
edited according to your ideas, however, the bonuses stay stock cause I dont want OP superpower for the victors
In The Meantime : WW2 Scenario.: 11/16/2014 22:25:20

Level 52
Okay it's a bit more tolerable now. I think you messed up on some of the stacks though ; there was a 100,000 in Southern Nevada for example. I think you forgot that this is 1941, not 1944. Allies didn't have huge swamps of land invaders, even if they were going to try and hit France with Operation Sledgehammer. Give it a few more edits and maybe some reconfigured battle lines, the scenario should be ready.
In The Meantime : WW2 Scenario.: 11/17/2014 01:30:25

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
ehhh, I meant for that to be 1000 thanks for that, ill continue to make it better.
In The Meantime : WW2 Scenario.: 11/17/2014 03:36:22

Red Menace
Level 55
10,000 in mexico

good scenario but to many armies
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