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Order priority card in team games: 7/31/2013 22:18:19

Level 44
In a team game, if two players in the same team each play an order priority card, do they both move before anyone else? (assuming no other player uses an order priority nor order delay card).

As an example lets imagine:

Team 1: players A and B
Team 2: players C and D

Player A uses an order priority card. Player B uses an order priority card.
Team 1 would get both first moves and the first round order would be ABCD? (or ABDC BACD BADC, those are equivalent).

Or team 2 would still get the second movement?

On a different note (maybe i should create a different topic, but i'm not sure, if i have to i'd appreciate if someone told me so). In a two team game assuming no order priority nor delay cards are played, can one team get moves 1 and 3? or whichever team gets move 1 will get move 4?

Again as an example and assuming the same teams as before, which of the following movement orders are possible (without cards)?
3)both are possible, once each team has moved the next movement is randomized again between the remaining players.

I'd say 2 is fairer, just like in 1v1 in the second round the order is reversed for players in the second part of each round the order of the teams should be reversed.

PS: Please don't confuse turn with round. I'm always talking about rounds or the order inside them.
Order priority card in team games: 7/31/2013 22:24:50

Level 62
I *think* the answer to your second question is always:

ACDB (or variants thereof).

Your first question, however, is quite intruiging!
Order priority card in team games: 7/31/2013 22:40:11

Level 58
Question one. I think with OP cards the players are looked at as individuals, so if both players from team 1 (who are player A and player B) play a OP then they`ll both go before the second move of player C or D.
Order priority card in team games: 8/5/2013 04:13:08

Level 44
Thank you both for your answers.

I have a new, slightly related question: in a teams game if one player from a team doesn't make any move does that player still get assigned an order place?
Again i'll try to clarifi with an example:

Team 1: players A and B
Team 2: players C and D

Player A decides to not move any troops. Players B, C and D all make at least one movement. Is it possible for players C and D to move before player B (becuse player A got the first move, but he didn't do anything)? Or player B will always have movements 1 or 2 but never 3?
Order priority card in team games: 8/5/2013 06:24:55

Level 51
question 1: amazing question, dont know, #2: ACDB or ADCB, #3, BDC DBC or CBD, b will get 1st or second, this actually gives a strategic advantage because 66 percent of having orders before someone instead of 50
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