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Mankind, should it be legal?: 4/14/2015 02:37:22

Level 55
Skynet will nuke every major city in the world and then begin to exterminate every last person in the world. The machines will win. Mankind will lose. A perfect utopia will be achieved.
Mankind, should it be legal?: 4/14/2015 04:25:14

Arma Lux
Level 47
I think world peace will come when science can read the brain perfectly. Then we can separate the evil people I.E. Murderers, Child molesters, from the normal people. Arrest the murderers by reading their plans in their head right before they do it. The more developed countries would start this first, and maybe eventually the middle east and shit would. But by that point we would be clean of evil and can not worry so badly. Then maybe peace will make us better. Dude, science is where its at right now. At this rate shit will go down, scientifically, soon.
Mankind, should it be legal?: 4/14/2015 04:53:35

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 49
I'd rather not be murdered because someone has avery strict set of morals
Mankind, should it be legal?: 4/14/2015 05:32:05

Level 54
Hahah the government will get a lot of dirty thoughts if they make that machine hahha
Mankind, should it be legal?: 4/14/2015 09:50:49

Level 60
arma ux, with the plans you are presentign there i suppose you would be the first to get arrested
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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