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Analyzing an interesting game: 6/7/2015 17:12:30

[WM] Gnuffone 
Level 60
As in another thread i read some ppl would see more thread about analyze some good games, i will post one i played this afternoon.
It's quartefinal of 1v1 ME 0% SR coin tourney: Gnuffone vs Krzychu

in my opionion what make this game interesting is nobody of us picked FTB, and krzychu went for a big combo.

I will follow comment in this thread and answer about why i made some moves. Also maybe suggest what he should have done for win. Or if you think we could have picked better.

Additional comment: both players know very well each Others as we played lot of times agaisnt each Others.
Analyzing an interesting game: 6/7/2015 18:21:16

Master of the Dead 
Level 62
On this template going for 12 or 11 income(on turn 2) is key in my opinion. Also giving away as little intel as possible in the process.

I really avoid going for West China(WC), because although it easy to get, in the long term it is hard to hold against West Russia(WR).

There are two ways I would pick on this template -

1. Ant, CA, WR, scan, East China, SEA
Go for the FTB. Normally I wouldn't do this(and would rather prefer intel). But since scan and WR border each other, the early income can be used to overpower your opponent in russia.

Although I would expect to lose Russias. In that case I would complete FTB on turn 1, and go hard on Brazil(expecting counter in WA) or complete EC on turn 2(probably this- depending on move order, because I need to land brazil before Kryzchu), since getting that ensures I can complete SA. And the +3 income boost on turn 1 is mine to keep for the entire game.

Also assuming my opponent has scan + WR +WA vs my CA,SA,EC, I would fancy my chances(because of turn 1 boost and both us eventually ending up on 16 income each)

2. The other way I would pick is SCAN, WR, Ant, CA, WA, East US.
Looking at Gnuffone's picks, his 6 is better than mine. Mine would be classified as a lazy 6 :P
This approach goes for intel over early income. But I think the FTB may win over this strategy, assuming the right estimation of picks and equal quality of play from both sides(there aren't many options on this board).

I know since both of you know each other, there may have been some meta-gaming which may have influenced picks though.
Analyzing an interesting game: 6/7/2015 18:29:09

Master of the Dead 
Level 62
With regards to how the game actually panned out,

- Kryzchu not contesting the Russia/scan combo meant he was fighting against the odds from the get go.

- I love Gnuffone's expansion. taking Brazil with max on turn 1 is the perfect move. Kryzchu doesnt have intel on What happened(in case he takes Panama on turn 1).
On turn 2, gnuffone takes Venezuela with 3 from Columbia, which looks like he was just exploring (when he actually completed the bonus). Although Kryzchu may have figured that out since he knows Gnuffone ;)

- I am curious as to why you didn't attack Panama(on turn 3) with a late move after a few delays. Seems like you can afford to defend Columbia, ensure delays and also get the last move in?

Edited 6/7/2015 18:35:34
Analyzing an interesting game: 6/7/2015 19:06:43

[WM] Gnuffone 
Level 60
i decided to move in russia, and then play safe in SA. I was afraid he would have more delays than me and more stack.
Like i say in the chat of the game, i didn't understand he had china after mid game. so i decided to don't risk
Analyzing an interesting game: 6/8/2015 12:15:56

Beren • apex 
Level 62
Just curious, where did you think he was, if not China? It doesn't seem like anywhere else would make any sense, except may be Africa.
Analyzing an interesting game: 6/18/2015 21:42:49

Level 58
The choke-point of Panama-Colombia is almost always crucial, and Krzychu made the fatal error of expecting you to leave Colombia at 1 army. This is a severe mistake that contributed to his downfall in the Americas.
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