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Archaros: 8/28/2015 16:56:04

Captain Weasel
Level 23
I had a thread about this map but then I worked very slowly for six months.
Old thread:

- A fantasy map of 231 territories with unique names
- Bonusses always follow the bonus = (territories-1) formula and most of them are 3,4 or 5 territories.
- The map is broken up by ocean, mountains and rivers, but does not have big campy corners.
- 4-Color scheme that should be colorblind friendly
- Superbonusses that provide not too big bonusses (Close to territories/4).
- At the moment, 2 custom distribution modes that should give everyone an equal start

I think it's close to finished, but I would still love some feedback. I'm not going to change big things, but maybe I made some glaring errors. I had to simplify the written names of seas but now it looks a bit blurred. Is the map better with or without those names? Also, there is some nice open space at the bottom, I could try to add some lore or maybe that makes it too crowded? And is there other feedback that could make this a great map?

If you want to help test it, I'll do a multiday test soon so feel free to leave your name.

Edited 8/28/2015 17:00:51
Archaros: 8/28/2015 17:42:15

Level 58
-The bonus "Aradesh" (On the top right, next to "cryrise") has a dark red colour. This is quite similar to the two pinkish/purplely coloured bonuses next to it. Its bonussquare is yellow though, so I think it was supposed to be yellow and got the superbonus colour. It is a small point, but I thought you would like to know :D

-I think the Yellow Islands to the right of the middle (called "Ghonat Archipelago") could use some smoother borders, they stick out like this. They are more spikey than the other bonuses are.

-Missing connection between "North Karnu`s End" and "Utakul" (in the bonus "North Karnu", the red bonus on the left of the map)

-Missing connection between "Sea of Udaerin" and "Behind Udaerin" (in the bonus "West Udaerin", the red bonus in the lower left corner)

I think you should keep the seanames, they do not distract from the map, yet they add something extra. I don`t see why you shouldn`t keep them.

The open space underneed the map doesn`t need anything extra imo. When playing this map you`ll probably zoom in on the regions you are in and not look at all of them. Because of this you`ll barely notice the open space when playing. If you want to do something there it should just be the name of that sea/ocean (you could place that name twice, once on the left and once on the right side)

If the testgame(s) are teamgames (2v2 or 3v3) with decent settings I am willing to test your map :D

I`m not sure about the superbonuses, they might be overpowered, but we`ll have to see that after a test.
Archaros: 8/28/2015 17:54:03

Level 55
This is a great work. Your map looks pretty cool. I would make a lore in the map description. You might be right, that it will be too crowded on the map. The design seems to be tolerably thought-out. There is no need to change anything. Even though there are always features some players like or dislike, which depends at least on opinion.
But as you have asked for feedback, let me give you something to consider:

- you arranged the map name under your super bonus map, which is set underneath the map. I would consider a better space arrangement.
- I would even leave off the super bonus map. It rather looks misplaced. In my opinion, banner shaped bonusses next to the bonus areas would look much better.
- at least edges for the map would be nice. Maybe some shades of blue or grey to distinguish the map from the background.

anyways. awesome map! If you need testers, I would be glad to attend a testgame.
Archaros: 8/28/2015 18:08:27

Shini LL of the H
Level 21
Like the map. If you need another tester I can help
Archaros: 8/28/2015 18:57:04

Lolicon love 
Level 56
i'm always willing to sell myself to help people so i can help if you want.
Archaros: 8/29/2015 13:09:21

Captain Weasel
Level 23
Thank you Min34 and Ranek for the very helpful comments, and Shini and Lolicon for volunteering.

I fixed the missing connections, wrong color and smoothed some of the islands. Thank you, those things become harder to spot the more you look at a map...

It's a big compliment coming from you that you like the map.
I did away with the bonus map, to be honest I have a soft spot for minimaps but I found out during testing that I didn't really use it. I used different shields for the different realms and that plays better.
I also made edges/ocean for the map and it really looks more complete.

Edited 8/29/2015 13:09:50
Archaros: 8/30/2015 18:09:52

Level 55
hehe awesome!
Archaros: 9/1/2015 19:59:49

Level 53
This looks epic. I'll definitely be using this
Archaros: 9/4/2015 16:33:49

Captain Weasel
Level 23
Multiplayer testing has commenced :)

Edited 9/4/2015 16:41:50
Archaros: 10/1/2015 11:13:11

Captain Weasel
Level 23
We did some testing, I mostly have to thank Ranek. This is the map now:

The superbonusses now have 'glow' corresponding to their color around the shores. They are also a lot smaller. It was suggested to make superbonuses small (1-4) for competitive play, but since I don't like superbonuses with a bonus of 1 I made them 2-5. I took into account not only the size but also the defensibleness and how long it takes to conquer them. For example Antus is only 17 territories but still gives a +3 bonus because it takes so damn long to cross.

There should be no more missing connections and such, if you do spot one, let me know ASAP.

The map will be submitted soon.
Archaros: 10/1/2015 11:43:20

Level 55
this map is pretty cool. I will vote for it in the map of the week thread. =)
Archaros: 10/1/2015 13:54:00

Level 60
The map looks really nice. good work.

My suggestion is don't use the same color for a bonus inside the super bonus. For example, you have Magnathea as green, but there are two bonuses in it that are green also. The color border on the super bonus looks nice (I did that here also:, but like I said it would help to not have the same color inside it, unless they are all shades of that color.

Edited 10/1/2015 13:55:36
Archaros: 10/2/2015 14:23:46

Captain Weasel
Level 23
ChrisCMU, I agree in the case of Magnathea the greens were very similar so I changed the hue of the outer rim. Same with Soddor, I made the blue a bit paler to contrast with the main blue hue. However I didn't make it so that the inside territories all have a completely different color from the superbonus color as I don't think confusion is possible. Thanks for the feedback, glad you like the map.

Edited 10/2/2015 14:24:25
Archaros: 10/4/2015 22:01:35

Captain Weasel
Level 23
Map is public :)
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