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Oceans Mini Series!: 12/25/2015 17:31:40

Level 59
Hello and welcome to "Oceans Mini Series"!

Think you are the master of 1v1 2v2 and 3v3? Well, This is the perfect test for you!

This mini series will be designed to test your 1v1 2v2 and 3v3 skills to succeed you must obviously win but while team working with your enemies? Yes this does involve playing with and against your enemies to glory! Who can master this fine art and win my Mini Series! :D

How does this competition work?

- 12 Players
- 3 Tournaments (1v1) - Battle Islands
(2v2) - Guiroma
(3v3) - Europe

*Please note I am having troubles as Warlight keeps crashing on myself so links for the templates will be added later!

- Round Robin
- Who will be your tournament partner? Thats for you to decide! (You need to be strategic when picking your team members)


1v1 - Battle Islands
2v2 - Guiroma
3v3 - Europe

Point System

- Each tournament will have a value of points each! 30 in total!
* Battle Islands = 11 points! (1 point for each win)
* Guiroma = 10 points! (2 points for each win)
* Europe = 9 points! (3 points for each win)


- Vacations will be honoured!
- No disrespecting players!
- No alts!
- You can only team with someone only once!
- You must stay up-to-date with this thread as there will be changes/news/updates which need 100% co-operation!!!

* Please note any breaking of these rules will result in a deduction of your overall points total or depending on the severity of the offense a Ban/Suspension!

Qualifying Round (If needed)

- If there are over 12 participants wishing to join the Mini Series there will be qualifying rounds to shorten the number down to 12 participants! This all depends on numbers so qualifying details will be announced once I have a finalised number of participants!

I am Looking for Volunteers to help myself run this Tournament!

- To make sure there are no problems volunteers to help manage this tournament I am asking for a small 3-4 managing group mainly filled by volunteers!
- Volunteers must speak English
- Able and willing to create tournaments!
- Be approachable with any reports/problems from participants! :)

How do you join my Mini Series?

- Post below on this thread between the 25th of December and 8th of January! (2 weeks from now!)
- There is only 1 requirement to join this tournament! under 10% boot rate :)

If you have any questions regarding the tournaments structure and how I am going to manage it please ask me on this thread!

Thank you!
Oceans Mini Series!: 12/25/2015 17:32:49

Level 59
Participant List!
    * Ocean

Edited 12/25/2015 20:01:04
Oceans Mini Series!: 12/25/2015 18:04:16

Level 59
Participant List

  • Ocean
  • awesomeusername
Oceans Mini Series!: 12/25/2015 18:12:28

Bayern München is the best!
Level 59

Edited 12/26/2015 07:55:20
Oceans Mini Series!: 12/25/2015 19:59:55

Cata Cauda
Level 58
More events you wont finish, Plat?
Oceans Mini Series!: 12/25/2015 20:14:50

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
Participant List
  • Ocean
  • awesomeusername
  • New Luna Republic {TJC}
Oceans Mini Series!: 12/26/2015 03:04:10

Level 59
Excuse me? CORP I am kindly asking as a former member of your very distinguished clan to please leave personal matter out of this public thread! If you have any personal matters regarding myself please mail myself with the relevant parties and we can discuss the options to move this forward in a very efficent but mannerly manner. Thank you

Here is my profile link if you don't know how to mail myself =>

Thank you and goodbye!
Oceans Mini Series!: 12/26/2015 04:23:47

♆♆♆ RedBloodyKiller ♆♆♆
Level 59
Good luck
Oceans Mini Series!: 12/26/2015 06:39:38

Bayern München is the best!
Level 59

Edited 12/26/2015 07:55:26
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