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Why is anonymous rating of maps allowed?: 10/6/2016 23:24:37

Cata Cauda
Level 58
So I recently wondered why you are allowed to rate a map without leaving a review. We all know that some people downrate maps, just because they dont like the map-creator. So I thought it would be much better if anyone who rates a map HAS to write a review and give feedback why they rated how they did. Also I think next to every review their rating should be displayed for more transparency.
Benefits are that this avoids anonymous rigging or downvoting of maps and gives more feedback to the map creators.
What are your thoughts?
Why is anonymous rating of maps allowed?: 10/7/2016 00:53:34

Level 60

It would also be easier to see if anyone has created alts to boost their own map (squiggles)
Why is anonymous rating of maps allowed?: 10/7/2016 01:13:02

Level 58
I agree to this as well. But it's not on the immediate roadmap, probably.
Why is anonymous rating of maps allowed?: 10/7/2016 06:12:30

Level 55
it'd mess with the sampling even more. And nothing stopping folk from saying a one-mark lookback, either, but now it's just more discouraging and fewer lookbacks.
Why is anonymous rating of maps allowed?: 10/7/2016 09:13:57

master of desaster 
Level 64
I'd rate less maps if i had to write a review as well. I'm sure i'm not the only one who's that lazy.
Why is anonymous rating of maps allowed?: 10/7/2016 10:15:42

Level 57
It is easy to write out the problem, but hardly I see any solutions here?

What does it mean to write the review, Cata Cauda? That I open map page and type "nice map", does it count as a review so I could rate a map? Would merely a "dash" threshold of submitting the review or one needs to hold it down few seconds to exceed the 100 character limit? I don´t understand how this prevents "anonymous rigging"? Still I can make 100 accounts to rate the map and inflate the other ratings?

And just once again as I have pointed out in previous map-rating related threads: what does the rating show actually, or why on earth it matters at all? If a map is good, then it is good despite whether it is rated above 4 or below 3. You can´t solve problem with same resources, same behavior when, the actor in this case map-rater is the same. Technical solution is not an answer to problem that lies in the player-base. I remember a thread about suggestion, that high end ladder players and members would have rating weight multiple times of a regular player or age of an account would count as well. Inherently not bad suggestion, but this again does not solve the problem of "bad rater" if the player who hates you have many accounts with membership.

If you just want feedback to map, don´t force people to write meaningless words and allow those who want to write feedback to do it without coercion. Otherwise you will end up reviews with void of any real content.

I understand some don´t look maps past the rating page, but if you are building a template then you know in what territory scale it should be and usually you do the work to go through possible options.

Yes, making more profit - and this will not obviously change! Enhancing the tutorial, introductory part of game to keep new players playing and not quite, because the first look of warlight is rather complicated. Drawing in more people, promoting coin games and coin features!
Why is anonymous rating of maps allowed?: 10/7/2016 11:18:26

Level 59
+ 1 MoD
Why is anonymous rating of maps allowed?: 10/7/2016 15:30:59

Level 56
An idea: You need to write why you downvote something.
Why is anonymous rating of maps allowed?: 10/7/2016 15:32:39

master of desaster 
Level 64
and how would Ratings that get only upvotes be interesting? nobody would downvote
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