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Forum Discussion: 3/14/2017 21:31:29

{rp} eisenheim
Level 57
After more than a year of retirement I came back to find that Warlight retains much of its old charm. My clan still alive and well, RT games ongoing and although some old faces have gone, the community lives.

That's the positive.

I see the 'Off Topic' forum is still full of outlandish or droll topics as usual. I guess somethings never change.

Can anyone explain to me why the far right sympathy has come up here ?
Forum Discussion: 3/14/2017 21:41:22

Level 55
This has been asked before somewhere; my best guess is that in Warlight some folk like to encourage war.

Edited 3/14/2017 21:41:28
Forum Discussion: 3/14/2017 21:48:51

Castle Bravo
Level 56
Жұқтыру you cannot join my clan you deformed Communist mongoloid
Forum Discussion: 3/15/2017 04:46:47

adrian waco
Level 31
where r all da centrists

they need mor luv
Forum Discussion: 3/15/2017 06:06:30

Level 60
da master calld?
Forum Discussion: 3/15/2017 17:05:21

Von Jewburg
Level 35
Well we got some far-right trolls and them some far-left trolls. Some of them have debatable topics in their thread titles, but its usually along the lines of;
People should stop having sex because its gross
____ group is inferior to _____
We should kill all the dumb people
Science applied to ethnic groups
_____ isn't that bad, guys
Forum Discussion: 3/15/2017 18:01:19

Empire of Kilos
Level 32
IMO the rise of the right here was gradual. Starting from a couple trolls, and ending with people who have dug their feet into the movement because of the media's constant attacks on it.
Forum Discussion: 3/15/2017 20:09:04

Castle Bravo
Level 56
Genuine far-right material on the forums is rare. I sometimes post about Communism and Cultural pathology, some people post pro-Trump material but Donald Trump is hardly "Far-right" in fact he's more of a centrist and a civic nationalist at best. The other stuff is just bantz and trolling.

Tabby's scientific racism threads have nothing to do with the far-right because he believes in the destruction of all culture including Western culture.
Forum Discussion: 3/16/2017 00:48:42

{rp} eisenheim
Level 57

Oh well. An unavoidable consequence of freedom of speech.

I suppose one day people will learn the mess cause by the right wing. Clearly not anytime soon. Hahaha.
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