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Europe lvl 4 and "crazy" lvl 5 are ridiculous...: 12/22/2011 23:59:35

Level 2
Its weird because I get further along on the crazy one than the Europe map. At least on the crazy one I can get established before ALL the AI attack me with 100's of armies.

I feel like no matter what I do, the AI are only going after me.

What's y'alls take?
Europe lvl 4 and "crazy" lvl 5 are ridiculous...: 12/23/2011 03:50:41

Level 55
I won Europe easily the first time I did it, and have tried a few times since then, never with any real trouble.

I just head to France ASAP, then split half off to finish Spain while the other half heads east through central Europe.

Airlifts typically go to the Russians. If the Germans get into Norway, transfer troops to the Russians or just attack them and take over the fight there.
Europe lvl 4 and "crazy" lvl 5 are ridiculous...: 12/23/2011 03:55:03

Level 6
I finished the Crazy one first time I tried it, Russian took 2 attempts. I agree with the poster above's advice of head straight to France and split off for Spain and Central Europe, except when I played I used all the Airlifts for myself, but meh, to each his own.

I do think Crazy might be a touch easier, but I just started Insane and it's no piece of cake haha
Europe lvl 4 and "crazy" lvl 5 are ridiculous...: 12/23/2011 11:09:23

[V.I.W] ilpeggiore
Level 58
europe is very easy, imho.

lot of strategies works there, i beat it on first try without airlifting ( lucky, i tried 4 times and in the other 3 i used all the airlifts).

crazy is much more difficult. I have a 40% success rate. It depends on AI, if they clash or not and if u can take some bonuses before they come at you.

Insane is really hard.

One lost attack can cost you a game. Here too, the ai can prevent each other to tale bonuses ( only time i had a chance they were slow in developin .... but i forgot to abandon ....)
Europe lvl 4 and "crazy" lvl 5 are ridiculous...: 12/23/2011 14:31:54

Level 2
Thanks for the input guys, I guess I'm just not putting the right amount of armies into my attacks. I've tried to rush France, but every time I get to the south, there is a 110 army sitting there waiting for me, just enough to slow me down to the point that I get shoved back and never quite take France, Spain or Portugal. That is even with the airlifts going to me.

Maybe I'll try giving them to my ally so they can actually help me instead of getting in the way.
Europe lvl 4 and "crazy" lvl 5 are ridiculous...: 12/23/2011 16:37:57

Level 49
I've won Europe a few times, altough my ally mostly ends up eliminated.

I think the best course is to get most of your armies to southern France, so that you can take out that 110 army the turn you meet it. Then you'll have little difficulty with Spain/Portugal and you can reroute the rest of your armies to central Europe.
Europe lvl 4 and "crazy" lvl 5 are ridiculous...: 12/24/2011 19:02:26

Level 2
Thanks guys that is exactly what I did and it worked perfectly. Only problem...lost electricity at my house when I was about half-way across Europe! Ouch!
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