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Tutor - 'Noob School': 8/28/2012 14:16:30

Level 55
I've just read about Alex not being able to get into Warlighters, and I guess it made me a little sad because his skill level aside he's an active presence on the game. And like loathe or love to hate new people. The more of them around playing means the more games and variation on

But for those games and variation to be the best for warlight, the players need ways to improve and learn the intricacies - and often the basics of the game. Some clans offer help and tutoring but often this comes with pre-conditions you must beat the recruiter in a game. Still others offer no help to failed applicants, some offer as far as I can tell little help even to the successful ones.

This is not a criticism of clans they have their own agendas and tailor their needs to their communities as is their right and as I said some clans do improve their members. My so far laboured point has a lot to owe to Zoso's original x clan.

So onwards to the point I have procrastinated enough!

I would like as a community to be able to offer tutoring to new (and old) players who would like to improve their game. To do this I hope I can find both students who want to learn some new things and more experienced players willing to play some games and offer their advice to the learners. So we can as a community improve the standard of games we play. Maybe even this way there will be less early surrenders and early boots without votes (we can only hope).

If you would like to help me with this sign up here as a teacher please - and the level you feel you can teach - beginner, intermediate advanced etc. Or as a student with the level you feel you need - basics, intermediate advanced etc. And I (we) can help set up some games and tournaments for the teaching.

This is not a clan and no tags are needed for your name. But clan recruiters are welcome to get involved you may even discover an unpolished gem to enhance your clan.

And thanks if you got this far.
Tutor - 'Noob School': 8/28/2012 14:28:00

Level 57
Thanks for the sympathy and a good idea for the school(I don' really want to be teached. You will find other people that are willing to be student but not me sorry) but do you want spend your time doing that very kind of you.
Tutor - 'Noob School': 8/28/2012 14:28:17

{rp} Bais
Level 22
I'd like to sign as a teacher for beginners and a student for something in between intermediate and advanced, depending on what one considers intermediate..
Tutor - 'Noob School': 8/28/2012 14:28:22

NoobSchool (AHoL) • apex 
Level 58
I feel my name makes me obligated to help.

Feel free to ask me anything.
Tutor - 'Noob School': 8/28/2012 14:36:01

Level 25
I can teach Intermediate 1v1 and 2v2, advanced 3v3 and 4v4. Beginner everything else.
Tutor - 'Noob School': 8/28/2012 14:38:40

Level 55
It shouldn't be that much of a chore Alex - at least I hope, just play the odd multi-day game with another player look over the history and explain what you did and why, and what you feel could be improved in their play.

I like this game so giving a little back would be nice - but more than that the games I play in the future may be with a higher standard of player if enough people help.

Everyone who signs up as a teacher I will open a tournament with so we can discuss easier.

Those who want to learn more I will probably invite to a tourney that will never begin so I can see the level they need at a glance.

Noob and Bais - thanks very much for showing interest, as I said to Alex though it shouldn't be a chore just a multi-day (or the odd real time) practice game every so often :3
Tutor - 'Noob School': 8/28/2012 14:48:42

Level 55
And VaporX of course - dirty sniper sniping my replies ;)
Tutor - 'Noob School': 8/28/2012 14:58:19

Level 44
Nice idea. Besides the fact that many have already been tutoring or helping out when asked; A few of which would be Zoso and Swez. I have found that a few top players have a fairly bad attitude when it comes to asking them or simply talking to them, yet many others show interest in answering a question or analyzing games.

That said, I too would like to help out as much as possible. I make a few errors from time to time but I am improving on a daily basis, so I am free to give advice for 1v1,2v2,3v3 and even bigger team games on maps such as Imp, eu or earth.

Tutor - 'Noob School': 8/28/2012 14:59:04

{rp} Clavicus Vile 
Level 55
This is a great idea. I´d be willing to help, although i´m fairly busy at the moment. Beginner anythings and intermediate ffa´s I could try and teach
Tutor - 'Noob School': 8/28/2012 16:59:01

Level 57
I'll teach beginner 1v1 on Europe or strategic.
I'd love some advanced lessons on best places to pick though, I have big problems choosing good positions on strategic 1v1, though on 3v3s and 2v2s I have advice.
Tutor - 'Noob School': 8/28/2012 17:12:26

{rp} Bais
Level 22
Just a remark: does it really make sense to differentiate beginner levels by map? I'd assume the subjects of beginner teachings would not depend _heavily_ on the map. I understand there are more open and more close maps, but apart from that I don't see a reason to differentiate. Am I alone with this impression?
Tutor - 'Noob School': 8/28/2012 17:20:37

Level 44
While there are core skills that apply to every map, I think it's important to differentiate. We should therefore have classes for maps that people sign up for.
Tutor - 'Noob School': 8/28/2012 17:40:56

Level 55
I'd like it to be a case of teaching what someone wants to learn - so for example if I want to learn Europe 3v3 at a basic level I can ask here and someone will play a game with me and give me some pointers.

If I want more advanced help on Strategic Earth 1v1 hopefully there would be someone who could help out with that as well.

If I just wanted a run down and some advice about my early games there should be someone who could help me with that as well.

We all have knowledge and are better in certain areas than others so we can pass along or find someone who knows about that - safe in the knowledge they will happily help.

It's great to see so many players willing to chip in and play and analyse a game or two it really is - all we really need now are some people that would like to learn!
Tutor - 'Noob School': 8/28/2012 17:40:57

Level 60
Much teachers I see, join as student, I will.
(Yoda speak aside i am serious always looking to learn)
Tutor - 'Noob School': 8/28/2012 17:45:05

Level 57
Ok I will do a couple of 1v1. If that's ok
Tutor - 'Noob School': 8/28/2012 17:50:55

Level 55
Ineffable - you have over 2,000 games and I'm not sure what I could teach you - but by all means feel free to invite me to a game any-time. If would would like a better standard than me I would recommend Doggy or Boston.

Alex - which map would you like to play? We'll set up a multi day game or two to go through with you.
Tutor - 'Noob School': 8/28/2012 17:53:03

Level 57
The first one medium earth need to get better at the ladder and the second one Europe smaller one
Tutor - 'Noob School': 8/28/2012 18:00:11

Luxis • apex 
Level 51
I'll be available for about 2.5 hours should anyone want my advice.
Tutor - 'Noob School': 8/28/2012 18:01:30

Level 57
I would rather have multi day than real time thanks
Tutor - 'Noob School': 8/28/2012 18:02:52

Level 55
Luxis considering your ladder skills - could you play a game with Alex?

Teaching can be multi day or real time whatever suits of course - but can I add you to the teaching tourney (for chat purposes?) And if you are free on another day as well you could help out later also?

No problem if you are not.
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