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Tbh spinoff!: 1/23/2014 22:57:25

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
Same idea as Brain; with one difference - you comment you thoughts on the player above you! Brain, you don't need to comment for obvious reasons :D
Tbh spinoff!: 1/23/2014 23:06:26

Level 59
Well Arun, I want to do this one :)

You used to be a troll, and one of the most annoying players on the game. Your clan was a joke, and you were one of the worst players.

You kept persevering, now you are a much better player than you were, and a good clan leader and person. I could use many more words than this, but there is no reason to, you are an example of how a troll can become a well-liked player :)
Tbh spinoff!: 1/23/2014 23:31:06

Level 57
JSA ;) I've had mixed feelings about you but I'm certainly not a hater. Back when I was an immature brat, I guess we got into a couple of small arguments and such. But I learned from that and gathered I was wrong mostly all the time. I can't really remember anything else before you went inactive.

Moving on when you asked to join the 101st, I was very suspicious and curious. As it was completly unexpected, we did have an improving roster of players. However I believe once you've arrived you've made a big difference. I'm glad I accepted you in someway, I just hope you keep your promise about staying. I don't like to get involved with all the clan slut etc. and also your enthusiasm. But you are also a very nice guy and you have some great attributes.

I'm not a very good writer and I probably missed something's out.
Tbh spinoff!: 1/24/2014 01:11:20

Level 59
Apollo we've had a bunch of awkward experiences lol, but like it or not we have been seeing each other a bunch in this game :D You are a great clan leader, I know how much dedication it takes to run a clan ;) Sorry about the whole Clan League thing, even though it wasn't really either one of our faults. I am studying greek mythology now, and your username has gave me a headstart XD Stay awesome Apollo
Tbh spinoff!: 1/24/2014 01:48:31

Level 60
TWM, i truly and deservedly hate you. You always deny me my colour. That bothers me so much every time I have to play against you that I am 0-5 against you already in 1v1s. I only got a worse track rekord against Krzychu. You make me sick.

Apart from that I really like your versatility. It seems to me that you can play a wide range of maps on a very high level (winning a shitload of tournaments, placing high on seasonal ladders and such), a thing at which I'm still failing miserably.
Also you are always up for a decent chat, as far as I can tell from our encounters.
Your clan also features some very good and improving players.

Thanks to you I have an aim in life:
One day I will reach a higher level than you and deny you your colour.
Tbh spinoff!: 1/24/2014 02:30:35

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
Dare I even get involved?

Verzehrer, I dont know you insanely well, but you have a mild rep for being either slightly helpful or a troll. You are a good player, and for that I respect you. Happy forum posting Verz. 😜😜😂 (thats two laughing emojis with tongues out, and one laughing crying one)
Tbh spinoff!: 1/24/2014 03:15:02

Level 60
≈Mongols≈ Hell Bender , You are on my friend list but we never played a game together. pro boot rate
Tbh spinoff!: 1/24/2014 06:02:35

Level 57
13Chris, we played a few times but we never talk~~xD also my record against you is 0:3 wish i will break the losing streak next time when we meet ^^
Tbh spinoff!: 1/24/2014 14:39:43

Level 57
Sirius, where to begin...

You like durians. That word doesn't even exist in the Google Chrome dictionary, that's how unpopular they are. My Thai gf hated them and would leave the room every time I came home with them. She made me shower after eating them as well. Even my roommates complained and eventually I gave up and stopped buying them. Yet somehow you preserve. My advice to you, when you start siriusly dating, don't mention durians to your dates...EVER! *and make sure they're not packing anything below their belt ;)*

That brings me to my next point: You're afraid of Thai women, because of the infamous ladyboys. I empathize completely with you on that one, Thailand can be a scary place sometimes. However, some tall-tale signs of a ladyboy include (credit goes to my professor in Thailand for this list): hands (males tend to have larger hands), adams apple, jaw bone, height and if all else fails and you're still unsure, then don't even bother.

Otaku basketball player, yes? :D

One thing I really enjoy is the fact that we're pretty back and forth on stats: Our score is 4-2 in my favor, but you've managed to keep me on my toes in every game. In the beginning you were actually ahead for the count and I realized I had to take your games much more sirius. You're a decent player and it's fun to chat with you. You're also pretty enthusiastic, which is something we really lack these days on WL, imo. I miss Thailand :'( *though siriusly, with the political atmosphere there, I'll take my time before going back to visit...>.>*
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